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4 Stations in Human’s Journey & Scant control He Possesses | Umar Palanpuri

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th March 2022 04:16
Below is an excerpt and paraphrased as its narrated to me from brother who quoted Umar Palanpuri. My notes are in brackets.

Human has 4 Stations (in the):

(1) Mother’s womb
(2) World
(3) Grave
(4) Journey of Hereafter

In the 1st station, Allah created body of human, placed soul into it, in small, dark place (mother’s womb). Whatever Allah has made, human has no control. If Allah has made boy or girls its His decision. If Allah made him white or black, its His decision. If Allah made wise or less wise its His decision. Whichever nation Allah has decided to send to, its His decision. Human holds no choice or discretion in this matter.

In the 2nd station which is this world. Allah has send this human being to obey His commandments. Allah has given limited control to Human for good and bad but did not grant absolute control. If Allah had granted absolute control to human, then no one would be poor, no death, no one would become old etc. This control (free will) Allah has given for short time and this short time is until death. Now if this human will obey Allah then he will be successful in this world and hereafter. And if this human will follow his own caprice and does not obey Allah he will fail both in this world and hereafter. In addition, when Allah’s commandments are not fulfilled then human would have placed himself in vulnerable position given Allah will not be pleased with him.

The 3rd station is the grave. If the human lived his life (in 2nd station) with faith and good actions this 3rd station will be of ease and his grave will be a garden of paradise. But if he lived his life not according to faith then grave is hell for him. This station will be until the day of Judgement.

4rth station is hereafter. The human who dies with faith he will receive good news upon dying. Angels will come to him at the time of death and give him glad tidings of no fear ahead, you are worried that you have left this world and your beloved ones but you will get far more in comparison to what you left. In heaven, the human will be guest of Allah and will get whatever he desires and anything that comes to his mind.

Ibn Umar reported: The man said, “Which of the believers is the wisest?” Prophet (saw) said, “Those who remember death often and have best prepared for it with good deeds; such are the wisest.” (Ibn Majah)

And that preparation is faith and good actions.
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