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My Mother Umar Palanpuri

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 10th November 2021 17:38
This is an excerpt from one of Umar Palanpuri’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

Ever since I had my senses (young age) I have seen my mother praying, supplicating to Allah, witnessed her crying in her prayers. When I was child, I used to sleep besides my mother. During that time she would teach me the explanation & meaning of Surah Kahf I still remember it. Also during that time the Surah Buruj the oppressive ruler who placed believers in fire that whole incident I had heard this from my mother. This was when I used to sleep besides my mother, I was child obviously a teenager wouldn’t be sleeping besides his mother.

When she would buy something from store she would ask the children to distribute it among themselves. She would observe what are we doing? She would check who has more greed & who displays generosity then she would teach that child per his/her temperament.

Our neighbor was Maryam aunty (Allah have mercy on her). She has read all books of hadith Bukhari, Muslim and Mishkat. She was God fearing. My mother was her friend. Once it came out of my mouth that the landlord or owner of this house. My mother got upset with me why would you say owner of this house rather your focus should have been owner of this world ie Allah (part of mother nurturing him). She said no lunch for you. So we went to Maryam aunty our mother is not giving us food. I still remember Maryam aunty who would teach me surahs.

My mother got me to start studying under a teacher. At night, my mother just to make my mindset would ask me ‘son, read the book and tell me story of Yusuf, today tell me story of Musa, tell me story of Ibrahim. All of this to create that mindset. One day I was telling her the story it was dark at home, reading to her in light of oil lamp as candles were considered expensive.

(In tears) the one whose relationship with Allah is established. Words that come out of that individual Allah makes them true. I remember to this day ‘ O son in darkness of this house today you are reading this to me & I am listening. Allah bring that day that thousands listen to your speech.’ (those days did come that Umar Palanpuri would speak to thousands).

I try hard not to talk about myself but I remember this incident of my mother.
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