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Ongoing Process/ Sana Former Bollywood Actress

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 25th October 2021 02:46
This is an excerpt from one of Sana Khan’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

We should all pray that today we have gathered its only purpose is that message gets communicated to us through me to you. And by looking at you I am able to learn something as well. Until we die we keep learning from each other. There is no one who is perfect. We keep trying. We ask Allah at least me because I am speaking, provide me ability to speak (well). What I am about to say Allah enable your hearts to accept because provider of guidance is none but Allah. Whatever I learn, whatever I practice I share with others.

Allah accept this gathering. What we desire which to please Allah and his Messenger (saw), follow commandments, follows ways of Prophet (saw) all of this come into our lives. Otherwise life keeps going on. Obviously everyone here knows which background I come from. Because when we are muslim. I remember in 2019 internally I had many changes. I remember when we were talking about Islam, faith. While we were shooting, my friend who was non muslim ‘you know because you are muslim which is why you hold this perspective’. So in my mind not sure where it came from I told him that when we are born we are muslim because we have no choice as we are in muslim household. Today the type of muslim that I am its by choice. Not because I am born to muslim family because I have understood that Islam is the religion.

If Allah has accepted so much and all of us included that we are born in muslim household. First of all we should be grateful, infact all the other things of this world are secondary but first gratitude should be that we are born in muslim household. Allah preserve our faith.

Because sometimes when I see people accepting Islam. I sometimes wonder how are people even able to do this? Its so tough. Our cultures are different, traditions are different, and abandoning everything going into something new I don’t think that is easy. These people are motivation for me. I learn from them that how are they able to do this. Because there are so many restrictions.

Today if we see people like myself who are already in muslim household atleast namesake. To leave small things its so tough. Sometimes we cant let this go or something we cant let that go. No this is culture of our house even if its incorrect. Because our forefathers have been doing it so we have to follow it. So after sometime I learnt that I don’t want to follow tradition in my house, I want to follow what is proven by hadith (sayings of Prophet). If it doesn’t reconcile with hadith then I am not going to follow it.

Its obvious that if I want to change myself there is no overnight change. Today I have this thought and tomorrow I am this perfect individual. Even if I become perfect small flaws will slowly enter my life. This process is ongoing. We have to keep striving that we keep making some form of effort. We keep chasing that.

Obviously when I left (bollywood) I started wearing hijab there were lot of people who said lot of things. Infact people that are your own say lot of things and they are muslims. You think if you don’t practice that’s fine but atleast don’t say anything now that you are saying you are sinning. So people were very doubtful when I put on hijab. How long will her hijab last? All these years she did this all this fashion stuff & now she has scarf on her head. You understand what I mean? Initially I was really scared. Because to begin with I started with just hijab you wont believe it that I wasn’t just thinking but I knew that this is not way I want to be.
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