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Don’t stress yourself Part 4

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 1st October 2021 03:11
This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

We stress over too many things at once, look this is happening wrong in society, why is that group coming, that group is increasing & other group is decreasing. (For example) I have principle that whenever I speak on something. Whenever there is controversial topic I get many messages. You said this why did you say this but I have addressed that issue there itself. So I don’t respond I ask them to listen to speech completely. So they reply they have listened to complete speech. So I respond listen to speech again.

Its like you need to constantly reply the same answer to same question repeatedly. Public might have time to waste but your abilities/talents are being wasted. I am not going to waste time answering the same question. Why should anyone create this type of stress for themselves? You know what is stress. I have exhausted myself in explaining something and yet still people are not able to understand me. Oh what am I to do? This is futile stress. I would say “Allah I have tried my best in explaining this, to make people understand is upon you”.

People didn’t accept Prophet (saw) message. Yet how many times has Allah consoled Prophet? Allah is saying to Prophet that you are inviting people and they are not accepting your invitation, don’t stress. Why? If Prophet were to constantly stress, then who will do the work (calling people to Allah). There are several verses in Quran which are only there for consolation.

“Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muḥammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.” (18:6)

Because Prophet (saw) would be astonished that I have shown miracles, these are idols that cannot listen or see or say anything tried to explain in every way and they have witnessed in my 40 years that I never lied, known to be someone who is trust worthy and they were waiting for Prophet to arrive. All of this happened yet they are not willing to accept me. In that scenario anyone will start worrying? So what is Quran saying? That to keep on taking lot of stress? No! No! Don’t take on stress.

“You are not over them a controller.” (88:22)

You cannot force them. You are not going to be questioned (for their actions).

“Convey everything revealed to you from your Lord.” (5:67)

Your job is just to convey. Imagine his own uncle didn’t accept. Okay others were enemies but Abu Talib was someone who raised you. Person will be patient that your enemies are not accepting you but this is your own uncle. He protected you, in 3 years of boycott/ banishment of Prophet (saw) & Banu Hashim without food so they abandon Islam. Abu Talib accompanied Prophet (saw) in that difficult time even though didn’t accept Islam but he joined his nephew, Prophet (saw). Such a nice uncle! Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart?

At time of death, Prophet (saw) asked him to testify so he may intercede for him. Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart? Abu Talib considered it. Leaders of Quraysh looked at Abu Talib and didn’t want him to accept Islam. Imagine worry of Prophet (saw) that today my uncle who protected & loved me will enter hell. Abu Talib said “if I didn’t fear people would say that all my life I didn’t accept Islam but out of fear of death I ended up accepting Islam and abandoned my forefather’s religion. Today I would have cooled your eyes O Muhammad (saw).” Abu Talib made it as something to do with his honor. That if I die leaders of Quraysh will say “he was not committed to his word.” This is despite Abu Talib acknowledging earlier that religion that my nephew has brought is superior to all other religions. That if I didn’t fear what people would say I would cool eyes of Prophet (saw) (by accepting Islam). Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart? The one who has certainty in (existence of) hellfire & my uncle will be entering it. How much did Prophet (saw) suffered at the moment when Abu Talib passed away without accepting faith? Prophet (saw) was intensely sad. What did Allah do? Provide consolation that don’t worry. Why am I narrating this incident to you?

That in such conditions of immense grief and sorrow Allah asked not to ruminate in worry. So what about our small conditions that individual has flourishing business but mine didn’t pan out as expected, that individual has better career than me, that individual has better car than me what’s the benefit of stressing over these? Our stresses are what these days? I was supposed to get married to this individual and it broke off now I am getting married somewhere else. Real grief is what occurred to Prophet (saw). Can you imagine how Prophet (saw) must have managed himself? He is man of honor, compassion & love. But Allah commanded him not to stress (over what happened with his uncle). Why? It boils down to principle that I had stated earlier “what is not in your control don’t stress over it!”

“Indeed, [O Muḥammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.” (28:56)

If Prophet (saw) would have stopped and just be constantly worrying who then would have propagated Islam and furthered its cause?

There are lot of wrong/unjust things happen in this world, bring all sorts of evidence/arguments people still don’t accept, family problems. If one is to constantly ruminate over them then one is going to fall into depression. That’s why remember two things (1) Have adequate sleep (2) Don’t stress, I am not saying one can eliminate stress completely 100% that’s impossible but there is lot of stress that we create for ourselves.
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