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Having Faith in Allah vs Vaccine

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 24th March 2021 18:40
This is not a pro-vaccine post nor an anti-vaccine post.

The "faith" argument against those who take the vaccine is fallacious because the same argument can be used to answer it. If a person asks, "Why are you taking the vaccine? Don't you have faith in Allah?"

The person can reply, "It's because I have faith in Allah I am taking it. If Allah wills no harm on me, it won't effect me."

So this argument of "faith in Allah" cannot be used to question a person's faith if they decide to take the vaccine.

However, always remember that this world is Darul-Asbaab (A place of mediums) in order to acquire anything we need to use the means and mediums that Allah has placed within this world. So if something is harmful, saying "I have Faith in Allah" goes against one of the principles of worldly life and is therefore irresponsible and likely questionable by Allah.

In conclusion, the Tawakkul (trust in Allah) or Taqdeer (predestination)/Faith argument cannot be used for or against the vaccine or medication in general (medicine and vaccines are not the same). It is a duty of every Muslim to protect the body which is an Amaanah (entrusted) and to be informed as much as possible before making a decision based on health and nothing else. Ulterior motives may push one for example thinking I'll be able to travel or I'll be able to hug my relatives is not a reason to inject yourself. The only purpose to inject something into the body entrusted upon us should be for its healthy, protection and safety.

After a conscious and informed decision a person should have Tawakkul and Faith. Having so before that step would be an injustice to use the argument for something you want rather than need.
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 25th March 2021 09:14

I fully agree.

I don't have such a powerful imaan that;
I won't take vaccine and get infected and I won't be blaming Allah SWT, Why myself O Allah....

I take vaccine and I get infected, that is Allah's wish, my taqdeer. Allah will reward me for my sabr.
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