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The Unity Initiative and the Dubai conman Com Mirza

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 9th July 2020 17:38
On 24 June, various media channels reported the jailing of the Dubai based conman Com Mirza (e.g. Most of his victims were from the UK-based online community platform Muslim Entrepreneur Network, which Mirza and his brother Rafaqat “Rocky” Mirza got associated with shortly after its launch in 2015.

The Unity Initiative, set up by Usman Raja and his wife Angela Misra, were also allegedly involved in the now discredited Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) which reportedly carried out a large scale investment scam in Barking Mosque. One of the things Haroon Qureshi of MEN was questioned about by the Muslim Reviews was:

"Use East London Mosque’s images, history and reputation to promote The Unity Initiative without the mosque’s approval" (

One of the other people who was central to the MEN investment scam Ashfaque Siddique was the The Unity Initiative Director of Operations:

The Unity Initiative also set up another organisation called Quintessential Insight in which Ashfaque Siddique was also involved. Both Angela Misra and Ashfaque Siddiqui are listed as being from Quintessential Insight on page 12 of this brochure:

Did the Home Office know they were funding an organisation, through their preventing extremism funds, that had links to this scam that financially ruined many innocent UK Muslims?
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