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Human Microchipping and Control is Inevitable

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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd June 2022 12:01
abu mohammed wrote:
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Humans will be hacked? (says Yuval Harari - advisor to World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab)
Privileged access to your body?
Ability track everyone through shots?
Microchips in vaccines?
Change the human DNA?
Humans will become Gods?

What a load of nonsense, right? These are all from the World Economic Forum and WHO!

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger (a scientist, researcher, trainer, author in international health and health for all.
PhD, Privat-Docent at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and Lausanne. Visiting Professor across Europe. Top Swiss researcher and teacher since 20 years with pioneering work , WHO/UN and the EU required her expertise for different programmes (i.e. IHR, SDH, Innov8, HiaP, ERC,, GINA).

Now a WHO whistle blower explains what is actually in the vaccines, including microchips, control!
Skip to 34 minutes. She goes on for more than 15 minutes of what they have found and even touched on SADS, Bill Gates and many more proven facts
Dr Astrid also talks about The Prophet (saw) and a cure for illness' except death. She links this cure with Ivermectin as it is made from the same thing the Prophet mentions! SubhanAllah. She mentions what is in the Hadith, Ivermectin and Pine Tree Needle (Also mentioned in a previous thread) Oh, and she also talks about SADS and sportspeople who are dying from these shots in front of our very eyes
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