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Commmets on "The reality of Peer Zulfiqar" by one of his mureeds

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 16th March 2020 05:35
i was a mureed of Peer zulfiqar sb, i was in his jamat under mufti kamaluddin sb....

so i read "The reality of Peer Zulfiqar" by Muadh khan so i was like, let me tell u what i saw.....

ok after reading what i wrote it feels overly negative hehe, let me say this, peer zulfiqar sb is honest and has good intent, i dont think he intends to fool others i will explain later...


1. they said if the shaykh is seen doing any act that is against the shariat you are supposed to think it is just a delusion or illusion of the eye.... if u see ur shaykh in bed with a ghair mehram u are supposed to think it was an illusion

2. we were told u cannot leave the jammat.. it is said if a mureed breaks his bait he becomes murtad

3. if u leave, it is said u will never be successful in deen in any jamat, no matter how many haj umras u do, u will always fail....

4. it is said if a person goes against the mashwara of the shaykh he will lose in both deen and dunya

5. if a person even has negative thought against his shaykh he will suffer.

so in 2016 mufti kamal uddin's jamat and peer zulfiqars jamat had a fight, it was on the problem of Peer zulfiqars dealing with women..... honestly i am a boy i was never exposed to that side of the deal, but since they dont deny it i guess we can just accept it.......

but what i was exposed to i will share.....

one of the biggest things that ticked me off was that they said if the shaykh is seen doing any act that is against the shariat you are supposed to think it is just a delusion or illusion of the eye.... if u see ur shaykh in bed with a ghair mehram u are supposed to think it was an illusion..... we were told stories of people who benefited on things like this, there was one story we were told of a guy whos shaykh told him to hire a prostitute and spent the night with her, the guy got confused and did nothing, next day the shaykh asked him, did u do as i say, he said no, the shaykh said again to do it... so the guy did it, he went to the market and got himself a prostitute and when he met her, it was his daughter, who was kidnapped and being used, they both hugged and she was rescued...... the point was listen to ur shaykh, they work in mysterious ways.. establishing that their kashf is strong etc etc...... honestly i dont know from where these stories crept into the mainstream but they are there... i will explain how i think these things work but later... there are alot more, i just think people will get bored if i write a book...

second thing we were told u cannot leave the jammat.. it is said if a mureed breaks his bait he becomes murtad...... so here is the thing every person has a different type of personality it is called mizaj in sufi lingo.... it is said if u are not ur shaykhs type u will struggle, it is true, my shaykh liked managers and i did not have a shred of management in me, so i was not liked, i was good at other things but my shaykhs mizaj was not like that, we did not synchronize, its unfortunate but it happens in every department, deen and dunya, wise people can see through, most just cant..... in a normal world you just switch ur boss, switch job in a place where u dont see growth, right but u cannot do it there, ur stuck, if u leave, it is said u will never be successful in any jamat u will always fail.... we were told in detail with examples, this person left our shaykh he suffered, this person left our shaykh he suffered, it is said if a person goes against the mashwara of the shaykh he will lose in both deen and dunya, mufti kamaluddin said i disobeyed my shaykh 2 times or "mai nai moo ki khai", these are not hidden things these are openly spoken in ijtimat......

these things can be overlooked nobody is clean, ive worked in offices with people, there are problems everywhere... but u trap people when u say you cannot leave and if u do u wil go to jail....

so then the fight happened, it was 2016.... i never synced with mufti kamaluddin, i had no intentions of going back, the other party i knew was peer zulfiqar sb so i went to them, but now i had learned all of the above and did not want to be trapped again.... look its simple if a person understands how to defend himself u can learn from people while ignoring the wrong things they say... everybody gets things wrong nobody is clean.... ... anyway i had seen peer zulfiqar, he was no fraud, one reason was that he compelled all his mureeden to do the entire darse nizami and many of our ustads were from darul uloom karachi, so it did not make sense that he would compel people to not follow shariat and then educate them in it, it just did not make sense, so i went to them, but i said i will not follow the points i made above, but they did not want to leave the above stuff.....they explicitly said you cannot progress if you dont have itimad in ur shaykh, we argued, let me tell u im not a good speaker and i was even worse back them, the thing is if u point out someones problems, people dont like it and go into the flight and fight response, those days i was having problems at work, i was inexperienced and was under stress, these people were my friends and i took my problems to them hoping they would help me, one khalifa that i went to said later to me ur problems are because u think against our hazrat jee........ i did not know much and i did believe these things to some extent, but u cannot ignore all the points i made above, my experience was not wrong, i just wanted to remove some clauses from peer e was so depressing those days i cannot tell u, i though all of my problems were there, because i think against my shaykh, i would write to them, im sorry please forgive me, i would cry beg Allah for forgiveness, but could just not ignore all of the above........

anyway let me tell u when this fatwa came out from darul ullom karachi peer zulfiqars jammat was shaken they really had some hard months..... its unfortunate, they told me how they found peace in this conflict, one khalifa said i was so troubled i said ya Allah if im right make it rain and it started raining, then he said i had a bayan and i was not confident, anyway i did and people liked it...he took it as a sign..... another khalifa said, i did this tasbeh and i was convinced in my heart that i am true............. maybe they found other reason to justify things, but these are the ones they told me.

i like to read alot of books, there are some points........ which explains some these things, i once read a story of a guy who when he was young started learning how to fight.... so they have belts white, yellow, brown, black etc..... so his teacher taught him to wrap the belt around himself 3 times, while the norm was twice...... the guy complained, he was big so he had alot of problems tieing a knot, his teacher insisted that untill u learn to wear the belt properly you cannot start learning, so he complied..... anyway he never stopped wondering why his teacher made him do this, so when he grew up, he tracked down his teachers teacher, he asked him why do u wrap it thrice, he said the same thing that it is the most essential thing for starters..... he was not convinced, so he tracked down his teachers teachers teacher, when he met the man he saw he was a small thin man when asked about the belt, he laughed and said im a small man if i tie it twice the free ends hang low and others make fun of me......... the thing is you never know where these weird things entered the mainstream, but some way they did.... second thing is denial.... when people spend their entire lives, decades on believing something, sacrifice year on a cause, people sometimes just cannot leave it, they will find any way to justify their own crusade.......third is a thing in psychology is something i dont remember the name of...hehe... but it says when you argue or repeat a point or perspective alot it gets beaten into you, in short the more you speak about it the more you believe it and the need for evidence goes down... eg for these are flat earthers or people who think that global warming is a hoax... they did a research when they examined the brains of people who did not believe in global warming, while examining their brains they gave them evidence to support global warming they saw that the regions of brains of most people that showed activity was the amygdala that does the fight or flight response, not the pre frontal cortex that does the logical thinking..... human being are wierd they dont want to abandon their beliefs even when given evidence against it, they will find something and convince themselves they are true.....

there are alot of things like this, i mean i have forgotten many i just remember some, there was one thing that peer zulfiqar sb said was that if u do bad nazri or zina someone in ur family will compensate for it like if you look at a women, someone will look at ur daughter, or ur son will do something or ur wife.....the example i heard was that once a man made a mistake of touching a women he felt ashamed he said to his wife i made a mistake, she said our son touched me today with wrong intent..... saying it comes full circle.... i mean its crazy..... ive thought about it alot,...... ive studied science what happens is if you are designing a circuit or a PCB with ICs you design it, on paper do the calculations, then u actually make it you should get the same result right?, if not you will know you made a mistake in design or manufacturing...its clear.... the thing is not the same in psychology or religion, there was a research done, people were asked do u think u have above average intelligence or not, more then 90% people said they are smarter then average, the guy presenting this research said almost half the people are a in denial of their own stupidity..... im pretty sure if you did a research of asking people will u go to heaven, 90% people will say yes.... people who dont pray break all the islamic laws, still cling to some good deed that they do, believing that it will save them... im not saying throw them in hell, i hope we all go to heaven, im just saying people have a habbit of fooling ourselves, i met an uncle once he said Allah likes black people more then white people, he said hazrat Adam AS was black...... he was not an alim, the point is people can make errors, and its hard to tell in religion because you dont see the ship sinking, shaytan will make u think u are afloat even if ur down under........then if someone with influence says these things, people ulama believe them..... im not saying these guys are all wrong, let me tell u they are 90% right, they follow shariat, help people, these people are susceptible to human errors and that is the case, they just need to remove a few thing, do a bit of cleaning......... people are absolute, once some years ago i said in a family gathering you know trump did that, it will help US economy, they were so shocked that i got shocked, they said do u know what trump says about muslims..... what i wanted to say, when people support someone they go all in 100% and just dont want to listen to anything negative about them and same if they go against someone.... i had to learn this skill because of this jammat, you need to like listening to someone respect them even if they sometimes make big errors, i like listening to mufti tariq masood.... i really enjoy listening to him..... but sometimes he talks about stuff he doesnt know about, eg science... i do a small laugh and say mufti sb bongian mar rahai hain... then i just listen to the next bayan.....i enjoy listening to neil degrasse tyson, although he is a big atheist.. i just ignore that side of his life and enjoy the science side of it....... i think people need to learn this skill........

if someone believes that their jamat is clean let me tell u there will be something that u will be ignoring and the only reason people dont know is that Allah hides our flaws..... look im a big fan or anybody who does good... people talk bad about people who are not main stream ulama like dr zakir naik, Noman Ali khan.... if someone does good i think they should be appreciated, but when someone is causing harm to deen you need to say something..... when someone meets a bad doctor not corrupt just not good enough, and does something bad, causes the disease to aggravate.... you dont say medical science is bad, u say the guy is an idiot and find another one... but our general awam when sees a molvi do something bad they say see they are all the same... and give this argument when saying following islam is not best that molvis are bad........ there are alot of things i did not write........i think ill stop i already wrote a book...

i hope i dont get killed for writing this..... haha

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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 16th March 2020 05:54
normaldude wrote:
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We can't expect a Junaid Baghdadi now.

The feedback we get from people we meet is;
We witness positive Results from Peer Zulfiqar sab. Ummah is getting benefited from him.
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