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Indian Muslims: What is coming Next?

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Mufaddal, abuzayd2k
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#46 [Permalink] Posted on 19th October 2022 12:27
abu mohammed wrote:
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There's no info anywhere who the murderer was. Just that he's 21 and male.
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#47 [Permalink] Posted on 19th October 2022 13:01
Yasin wrote:
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I agree
A 21-year-old young man has been in police custody since Monday, October 17, 10:20 a.m., in the premises of the Nantes judicial police. He is suspected of the murder of Nadia Hassade, a 47-year-old caregiver, stabbed and killed on Sunday October 16, at dawn, boulevard Jean-Moulin, in Nantes.

This man, the alleged perpetrator, is a resident of the Bellevue district, where he did his schooling, in particular with relatives of the victim’s family. “We do not even dare to imagine that it is him”, confides one of Nadia’s brothers.

The weapon always wanted
This Monday afternoon, October 17, the prosecutor confirms the custody. He also specifies that the autopsy revealed the presence of “23 wounds counted by the medical examiner, some of them fatal, in particular that which reached the jugular vein”.

An investigation for intentional homicide is opened. The bladed weapon used by the murderer is still wanted by the judicial police. Equipped with a metal detector, she combed the surroundings of the crime scene, in particular around the Fardière bus stop, boulevard du Bâtonnier-Cholet.

The district investigated
How, 24 hours after this homicide, this young person became the main suspect? This is the story of an entire neighborhood which, in the face of horror, comes together. From Sunday morning to Monday morning, dozens of relatives of this large family of eleven brothers and sisters mobilized as never before to conduct their own investigation in order to understand the circumstances of this tragedy which cost the life of Nadia Hassade.

This mother of four grown sons is a former well-known and appreciated childminder in the Bellevue district. Their investigations, the collection of testimonies and the recovery of CCTV images of businesses disrupted the events and accelerated the arrest of this suspect.

Source contains too many adverts so not worth sharing.
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