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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 10th April 2019 19:22
Shared by a sister on discord


In the year 2119, in just 100 years from now, every single reader of this piece will be underground, our bodies having become part of the soil. During that time, our fate in respect to paradise or hell would have been made known to us.

Meanwhile above the soil, our houses that were left behind would have become homes for others or demolished for better structures. Our clothes would have become rags for others and replaced by more recent trends, our cars will be on display as historical artifacts by others, also replaced by more advanced technology. As for us, we will be, for the most part, never thought about by anyone again. How often do you think about your great grandfather? How often does your great grandmother cross your mind?

Our presence here on earth today, that presence that we make so much noise about and shed so many tears for, was preceded by countless generations before us and shall be followed by countless generations after us. Every generation that passes through this world barely finds the time to take a glance at the world before needing to bid it farewell and handing over the baton, having not fulfilled even a fraction of ones ambitions. Our lives are, in reality, far shorter than we imagine.

In 2119, every one of us will realise from within the grave just how worthless this world actually was, and how trivial those dreams were that centred on it.

In 2119, every one of us will be wishing that we had dedicated our lives to great matters of GOD, and devoted ourselves to doing good deeds, particularly those that continue to benefit us after our death.

In 2119, many reading this piece will be screaming out, but in vain:

“My Lord return me! So that I may do good in that which I have left behind ..”

The response to this request, however, shall be:

“No! and behind them is now a barrier until the Day they are resurrected."

In 2119, many will be in regret, saying:

“I wish that I had prepared for my life.”

Let us become righteous, for surely what happened to those we talk of, heard of and read of will surely happen to us.

Include me (this is the sister speaking) in your prayers and let's put more of our time, money and energy in serving God and helping humanity.
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 11th April 2019 12:56
Arfatzafar wrote:
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یہ عالم عیش و عشرت کایہ حالت کیف و مستی کی
بلند اپنا تخّیل کر ، یہ سب باتیں ہیں پستی کی

جہاں دراصل ویرانہ ہے گو صورت ہے بستی کی
بس اتنی سی حقیقت ہے فریبِ خوابِ ہستی کی

کہ آنکھیں بند ہوں اور آدمی افسانہ ہوجائے

(عزیز الحسن مجذوب رح)
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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 11th April 2019 14:44
ALIF wrote:
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Revised translation:

This worldly life is a life of luxury,
It is intoxicating.

Realize the true nature of worldly life,
To engage in it is to bring about our own downfall.

What we perceive to be lively cities, are actually barren deserts

This is the reality of our being
That once our eyes close, we become figments of imagination.

Khwaja Azeezul Hasan Majzoob (RH)
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