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Tahreek e Islami Hind

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd January 2019 08:35
Assalaamu alaikum

Found an old book at home titled 'Aadibasi Tahzeeb Aur Saqafat' authored by 'Abdul Bari'. The preface of the book mentions that the author was a member of Tahreek e Islami Hind. As per the book this organisation seems to have been active in Bihar, India.

Do the members of this forum have any knowledge about this author or the organisation.

The author has also written following books ()
1. Rasool e Kareem ki Jangi Scheme
2. Nalanda University ki Tareekh
3. Tareekh e Nehr -e- Suez
4. Tareekh e Gilaaf e Kaaba
5. New Aryan Theory
6. Bani Israil ke Gumshuda Qabile
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