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ULEZ London's Ultra Low Emission Zone

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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 9th January 2019 17:04
i work for GLA and asked them these questions regarding ulez, might answer some questions others have. i will be asking for more details for some answers as they were vague.

Thank you for your email of 17 December about the ULEZ and your vehicle.

I'm very sorry for the delay in this response and I appreciate the time you've taken to highlight your queries.

In response to your queries:

1) Will I be charged each time I go on the A406 and come back?

You will only have to pay a charge for the ULEZ, if you cut through the ULEZ zone. I have included a link to the ULEZ map below, so you'll be aware of the areas in which you may incur charges:

2) Will I be charged daily to drive my diesel within the A406?

The daily charge runs between midnight and midnight. Vehicles travelling into the zone before midnight and leaving after midnight will need to pay for two days.

3) Will you or the central government be offering any compensation or contribution towards me scrapping my diesel and buying a petrol vehicle?

In the absence of ambition and leadership from the Government, the Mayor has announced a £23 million scrappage scheme for micro businesses and he is urging government to deliver a targeted vehicle renewal fund to offer drivers a fair deal, especially the many diesel drivers who bought vehicles thinking they were more environmentally friendly based on government advice.

The Secretary of State for Environment has said he is happy to look again at the Mayor’s targeted scrappage proposal to help those most affected by the ULEZ, such as low-income households, charities and small businesses. Furthermore, the Government has acknowledged that such a scheme could be funded by its new £220m Clean Air Fund, however, the Mayor is deeply disappointed that London is not eligible to bid for any of this money despite Londoners helping to pay for it. We are urging Londoners to write to their local MP to raise this issue with Government.

This is a national issue that requires a national solution. Importantly, the ULEZ does not require the purchase of an expensive vehicle. Some Euro 4 petrol cars have been available from around 2000, meaning there are affordable compliant second-hand vehicles. In the meantime, the Mayor is working with the major vehicle manufacturers and other organisations like car clubs to see what further support can be provided.

I trust this information has been helpful.

Thanks again for contacting us. If there is anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can call us on 0343 222 1234 and we'll be happy to help you.

Kind regards

the problem i got is i live on the boarder of a406, literally im only separated by a resivour and need to cross the boundary to get to my local supermarkets. we should write to out MPs and get them to fund us to get suitable cars, i bought a 7 seater diesel few years back on the basis it was better for environment and govt was promoting it.
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#17 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd June 2021 21:26
The ultra-low emission zone is due to expand from central London to the boundaries of the North and South Circular roads on October 25.

City Hall estimates that about one in five vehicles in the enlarged 140 square mile zone will be liable to pay the Ulez £12.50-a-day levy, including 100,000 cars, 35,000 vans and 3,000 lorries.
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