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Hajj 2018 - Higher to Lower category change

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 19th June 2018 10:11

Dear Brothers,

As Salamu Alaikum,

Through Hajj Committee of India, Indian Muslims go for Hajj every year. Large number of people apply; each year there is quota given to India - hence all applications go though a lottery system and the selection process happens.

Since Private Hajj Service charges are more, poor masses avail Hajj Committee of India for their pilgrimage.

There are 2 categories for Hajj in India; Green & Azizya.

Green - accommodation very closer to Haram Shareef; 14% charges more than Azizya

Azizya - Little far from Haram Shareef

Hajj committee of India process started nearly 7 months ago; during Jan 2018 the selected list in both categories were published.

Coming to the recent change :

This year's Green quota is 30000; recently there was an update that since Makkah construction is going on they have quota only for 12000 this year and rest of 18000 will be moved to Azizya Category. Either people can opt Azizya Category now else again lots will drawn to do this adjustment. This change has come just a week after private quotas were released. 

Did other countries get this change too?

Please make special dua to Allah, for the people who are performing Hajj through Hajj com of India esp. Elder people, poor people. As they have to go through lots of hardships.

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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 21st July 2018 08:23
Nice information. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islamic. We should visit once in life. All the poor people who are performing Hajj or wish to perform Hajj who have already bless of Allah. But poor people can’t afford Hajj journey, so we have to take some steps for that. Some government give subsidy but all the people can’t take benefit. Its may be Lack of information. By the way thanks for this wonderful information.
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