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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th June 2017 08:52
A Reply from the Photography Topic

Bislmillaahi ta’ala
Assalaamu ‘alaykum
Brother Muadh (and those brothers who follow you and agree with you)

After giving it thought I have decided to inshaa-allaah reply to a few things instead of ignoring your posts for fear of confrontations or avoiding arguments which end up no where (One of the main reasons why I often ignore comments or just leave and by doing so I do not believe I am running away from any responsibility). Perhaps inshaa-allaah you will understand how your comments confuse and hurt others (Discussions can be carried out in a dignified manner however unfortunately that is not the case in many topics here). It will inshaa-allah be my last try as I am tired of this continuous running around in circles, assumptions, accusations and negative comments every time I post and this is so even on decent articles written by known and respected Mashaikh. How you take it, whether its gets twisted (as usually happens) or not, I shall not worry about any more as I won’t even be checking for responses, if any (in another thread as this one is locked and I have locked it as it is just a response to your comments and as I have decided it will inshaa-allaah be the final one)

1 My exchange with Brother Abu Mohammad was on a particular point which I made because I felt that kind of comment coming from administration of a forum promotes disunity. Why you replied to my post I did not understand and though quite hurt and upset and even confused at some of the comments, to avoid any confrontation/argument, I did not reply to it and so as not to ignore it completely, I posted something a little on the light side. Unfortunately you carried on along the same vein in yet another post.

2 Regarding this post:

“Honourable and respected Khala”

Jazaakallah for the titles however by the time one comes to the end of the post one ends up with a feeling that the titles sound hollow and empty


A disgusting description to direct to a Muslim sister however you are entitled to your opinion. Your or anyone saying so does not make it true.

*Regarding the following:
If a “Mufti” gives a Fatwa for prostration to a human being tomorrow, the expected behaviour from you is ether of the two:
1. You will either chase down those who try to refute this opinion
2. OR you will keep quiet (which is the maximum extent) of your displeasure

Innaa lillaahi wainnaa ilayhi raaji’oon!
Not sure how to reply to this. All I’ll say is you have free reign here and say/insult/call people names etc. without getting even a small reprimand or the stamp with the warning about disrespecting fellow members which the rest of us get so no one is “chasing you down” for refuting any opinions.

3 The post’s main content consists of your comments and assumptions on my view on photographs for visas etc. and Ulama using You tube to propagate Deen:

I have absolutely no issues here whatsoever as my initial reservations when respected Ulama, all upstanding and high calibre Ulama (and includes my Ustadh, Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera sahib), first started appearing on You tube were soon cleared up. Those who do go on You tube/TV to propagate deen are entitled to do so just as those who do not are entitled to have their opinion. Though I don’t actually go on You tube and browse, I do however listen to talks on You tube of Ulama when it is necessary (i.e. in any research I’m doing), even though I have reservations regarding women looking at their images and I myself tend to blank the screen unless it’s a demonstration on some aspect. I would not post these links on sites if avoidable however if it was necessary, I would do so.

4. Story about the Mufti: I was totally unaware of it and am not at sure why it is even mentioned in front of a Muslim sister even as an example. I would not deny it or twist it or even discuss it inshaa-allah

5 Yes I have posted from the Majlis some well written and beneficial articles (Never anything that was strong criticism of anyone) when I came across something and was never reprimanded or stopped by MS before the criticism of MS and the ban.

6 Regarding:
Majlis has a track record of ruining lives, damaging Eemaan and destroying relationships, you also have a track record going back years.

You are privy to a lot of info. I would not know whose Imaan they destroyed. As for myself (though I do not owe any explanations to anyone) I think I should explain further to dispel misconceptions. I used to read the Majlis which came in thin paper sheets many years ago. It was at a time change was taking place in my life (For the better Alhamdulillah) and Allah ta’ala sent those newsletters to strengthen me otherwise I believe I wouldn’t have survived deeni wise in the environment I was in. I needed the knowledge of what was haram, halal and especially bid’at and I did not read Islamic books in those days and there was no internet. After some time, the newsletters stopped as other sources of info increased and influenced me. Now with the internet I would occasionally browse for articles on their site hardly ever opening anything that looked like a harsh response to something or someone (as has become my habit on MS when I visit to search or browse)

I would like to point out that the following part was very painful for me. It exceeds all previous assumptions and accusations
you also have a track record going back years

I seek refuge from being led astray or leading others astray, from ruining lives, damaging Eemaan and destroying relationships!

7 Regarding:
There is nothing anyone can do to convince you expect Allah Ta’ala on the day of judgement when you will be called to account for your behaviour but while you are alive in this Dunya you are advised to protect your Aakhira and at least remain Silent on matters about which you perhaps lack in-depth and detailed knowledge.

I have no idea what this is all about but Jazakallah for the advice.
If I do not have all the bad characteristics you’ve mentioned then Alhamdulillah and If I do, then I ask Allah ta’ala to purify me of them and I request your du’a too regarding them as standing in front of Allah ta’ala at my stage in life is a matter of great concern and fear!

You are also clever, intelligent and smart enough to know that IF photographs are HARAM then taking photos (for VISA) and visiting family in London or Surat would be unacceptable. If taking photos (for VISA) for family visits in London is (Islamically) acceptable THEN using youtube to defend Islam is also a valid need. You are way clever not to read and understand this simple point, nevertheless you will not come to terms with the idea and you will argue OR leave OR feign lack of knowledge.

First part regarding photography has already been dealt with in number 3.

Regarding last line: Yes I leave to avoid arguments and going around in circles. I do not have time, energy or inclination for it. I do not “Feign” lack of knowledge. With whatever knowledge I have been blessed with Alhamdulillah, I do not shy away from explaining or speaking up when necessary.

Second post:

You posted once more along the same vein.
* I’ve already said I have no issues with photography/video differences
*Tantrums”: I do not throw tantrums, never have even as a child Alhamdulillah

Finally, I am convinced that you (Brother Muadh) are very sincere and have deep feelings towards correct guidance for the ummah and work tirelessly to that end (May Allah ta’ala grant acceptance). Having said that I feel your harsh words, assumptions and name calling when others do not see your point or who disagree with you is a wrong approach and not Sunnah at all. It creates bad feelings/disunity and members feel hurt and even hounded. This type of approach is exactly what The Majlis is being accused of.

I wish to thank you as well for the criticisms as they can become a means of rectification if they are true and gratitude if they are not. I think enough said, apologies as it has turned out to be quite long. There is not much more I can (or wish to) do.

The not so “honourable or respected after all” khala who was dumb and stupid enough to post again.

Reminder of your words to someone:
What makes you assume the absolute worst in people? Why can’t you assume that Muslims have Taqwa and have caution?

My Addition:
As awwaam, why can we not respect each other's choices to follow whichever of the respected Ulama's opinions (without criticising the other) as long as the Ulama are pious, upstanding and on haqq?
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 27th June 2017 09:30
Salaam Sister,

Although I am able to post, I will not comment on everything but must stress on two points and clarify one point

1: Authorizers are not part of the Administration.
2: See what the Majlis lead to?
Ummit Taalib wrote:
All I’ll say is you have free reign here and say/insult/call people names etc. without getting even a small reprimand or the stamp with the warning about disrespecting fellow members which the rest of us get so no one is “chasing you down” for refuting any opinions.

Not entirley true

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