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Free Islamic Will on Line

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 29th June 2016 16:55
I have developed a website which will allows Muslims living in common law jurisdictions countries (England, Wales, Canada, most of the States of USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.) to generate a customised Islamic Will on line for free.
For those who follow the Hanafi fiqh I have developed a detailed Schedule of Inheritance which can be incorporated in to the Will and this provides details of determining the heirs and their respective quantum shares for virtually all possibilities for up to 4 generations above and below the deceased. The Schedule of Inheritance is complicated, that is due to the nature of the subject, it is not for everyone to understand. The point is that the Schedule should have certainty and accuracy from a law point of view, i.e., there should be no doubt about the manner in which the estate is to be divided.
I have also written several articles on the subject of Islamic succession law as as well as death related issues which are available on the website. There is also information on the reforms to succession law in the European Union which will have important implications for those living in EU (but does not apply to UK, Denmark and Ireland) when writing their Will.
Please try out the website for the next week or two and let me have your comments etc. on

There is also a lot of info on death related issues as detailed below, as well as info for health care professionals dealing with dying Muslim patients. (I am a medical consultant in NHS by profession and have been involved in such issues).

Is FIW Suitable for Creating Your Will
Why it is important to write a Will
What is an Islāmic (Sharīʿa compliant) Will?
Why is an Islāmic Will so important for Muslims
Islāmic Will in non-Islāmic states
The Islāmic law of Inheritance
Endowments/ Awqāf
Inheritance of Orphaned Grandchild
My Will and Organ Donation
Concept of Death, Time of Death and Inheritance

What to do at the time of death (info for relatives)
Ghusl, Kafn and Dafn
Death occurs at home
Death occurs in hospital / hospice
Medical certificate (MCCD)
Certificate of Stillbirth
Foetus stillborn and less than 24 weeks
Coroner’s role
Digital Autopsy v Invasive Autopsy (Post-Mortem)
Transporting the body abroad

What to do for the dying Muslim patient
Care of the Muslim patient after death
Concept of death, time of death and inheritance
Withdrawing / withholding medical treatment
Brain Death- an Islamic perspective
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