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On Kashmir

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#376 [Permalink] Posted on 13th November 2021 03:44
Maripat wrote:
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Sanghis are hurt by the article in the Independent. There are caustic comments under the article.

Music is certainly not something a Muslim should indulge in, but the desperate people of Kashmir, and Palestine, and other places around the world, try various coping mechanisms inherited from their social customs, and if some good comes from it, perhaps their sin will be forgiven.

Dreams are not a proof in Shariah, but a pious scholar once related a dream about Imam Jassas Razi RA. Imam Jassas Razi RA was an eminent mufassir, but he was from among the Mutazila. The pious scholar saw him in a dream in white robes with a radiant face. He asked Imam Jassas what transpired with him. Imam Jassas Razi RA smiled and told him Allah Taala had forgiven him his heresy.

This is not to say that essential aqaid can be compromised, but we should never despair of the Mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala.
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