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#661 [Permalink] Posted on 28th January 2020 08:56
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#662 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2020 04:09
When it Rained Blood

By Nachiketa Desai

16 May, 2010

Having covered Gujarat as a journalist for over two decades, Nachiketa
Desai was a witness to the Sangh Parivar's Fascist methods and its
devastating effects on the life and psyche of the people. He traces
the roots of Fascism that culminated in the genocide of 2002.
This article was originally written in 2002 and published on in 2010

When I returned to Gujarat after eight years, in June 2002, the muddy
water of the Sabarmati River had already turned bloody. The sword of
the Saffron Brigade had drawn enough blood from Muslim men, women and
children to redden the azure blue water of the Narmada that had been
fed into the Sabarmati.

The Sangh Parivar, comprising the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),
the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Bajrang Dal and the Bharatiya
Janata Party (BJP), had exploded the saffron bomb successfully in
Gujarat to prove before the world that Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of
peace and non-violence, can be defeated in his own home land.

The Sangh Parivar had been preparing to wage a war against the
humanity since 1920 when its ideologue Savarkar propounded the theory
of 'Hindurashtra' (Hindu nation). When in 1947, their dream to convert
India into a Hindurashtra failed, the Sangh Parivar contracted
Nathuram Godse to kill Gandhi, who symbolized universal brotherhood.

The next assault on secular India was made on December 6,1992 when a
fifteenth century mosque was razed to the ground by a fanatic mob, a
section of which had been trained in demolition techniques in a camp
in Gujarat.

Having covered Gujarat as a journalist for over two decades, I was a
witness to the Sangh Parivar's Fascist methods and its devastating
effects on the life and psyche of the people. I will try here to trace
the roots of fascism that culminated in the genocide of 2002.


One had only read about Fascism and Nazism in books of history and
fiction. But had never experienced living under a Fascist state. One
had lived under the constant fear of arrest and police torture during
the 19 months of the Emergency. But what the Muslims in Gujarat
experienced in 2002 must have been much more dreadful than that.

There were massacres of Muslims, gang rapes of Muslim women and
looting and arson of shops and establishments belonging to them.

Armed mobs, led by known Bharatiya Janata Party and Vishwa Hindu
Parishad workers, were on a killing spree, targeting Muslims to avenge
the burning alive of over 50 VHP volunteers returning from Ayodhya by
train on February 27 near the Godhra railway station.

Instead of providing protection to the Muslims, the police aided and
abetted the killer mobs. Worse, the police refused to file First
Information Reports in several cases and where it became unavoidable
to register a case, the FIRs were so doctored as to help the killers,
rapists, arsonists and looters escape unpunished.

Gujarat had become unsafe for Muslims. Hundreds of Muslims fled their
homeland, Gujarat, after the mayhem. Many enterprising,
forward-looking, well-to-do Muslims, like the members of the Chelia
clan from north Gujarat, who owned over 400 restaurants, most of them
serving only vegetarian food and bearing pronouncedly Hindu names,
sold their establishments to move to Hyderabad and Bangalore.

These popular restaurants, other shops and business establishments
doing flourishing business in Ahmedabad and elsewhere in central and
north Gujarat were singled out, plundered and then set on fire by the
Hindu mobs in the aftermath of the Godhra carnage.


How could the armed mobs, out on the roads to retaliate the killings
of VHP activists, track down Muslim business establishments throughout
the state in a matter of hours?

The VHP leader Pravin Togadia's disclosure in an interview he had
given me for the Calcutta daily, The Telegraph, on January 10, 1992,
flashed through my mind. Togadia had boasted that the VHP had
undertaken a census and land record survey to take stock of the real
estate ownership pattern among Hindus and Muslims in over 18,000
villages, towns and cities of the state.

The survey, he said, would provide the VHP leadership with the
necessary data that would help formulate short-term and long-term
strategies for 'protecting' the interests of the Hindu community in
'sensitive' areas.

The survey, he said, would help the VHP draw up a 'boundary' line in
all the major towns and cities beyond which the Muslims would not be
allowed to expand. "We will establish border check posts manned by
Bajrang Dal volunteers to instill a sense of security among the
Hindus," he had disclosed in the interview.

The large-scale rioting that occurred in the run up to the demolition
of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992 and thereafter
witnessed how property owned by the Muslims were mde target by
arsonists and plundering mobs.

By drawing up a boundary line, the VHP is trying to create a
'Hindustan' and a 'Pakistan' in almost all the villages and towns of
Gujarat, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi who lived and died for love,
peace and non-violence.

The VHP has put up signboards at the entry points of all major towns
in the state welcoming visitors to 'Hindurashtra's such and such
town.' The unstated message in these signboards is louder: The country
belongs only to the Hindus; all others have place in it.


Savarkar had seeded the idea of partition by propounding the theory of
'Hindurashtra' in the 1920s, much before Mohammed Ali Jinnha came up
with his two-nation theory. When the country was partitioned in 1947
and India decided to remain a secular state, the followers of Savarkar
were angered that India had not become a 'Hindurashtra'. So, one of
them, Nathuram Godse, killed Mahatma Gandhi who was a living symbol of
universal brotherhood and secular India.

The Muslims who had opted for Pakistan were far less in number than
those who had chosen to stay back in India. It was their conscious
decision to opt for the citizenship of a secular and democratic
nation. But for the followers of Savarkar's ideology, a secular and
democratic India was neither palatable nor acceptable. They had no
reasons to celebrate either the Independence Day or the Republic Day.

When the Union government banned the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)
and the Hindu Mahasabha after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi,
there was no sympathy for the Hindutva forces. The dogmatic Hindutva
was stoutly rejected by the country's diverse religious, linguistic
and ethnic people, who have had coexisted peacefully for centuries,
enriching their respective cultural heritage through inter-mingling
and sharing.

The Hindutva forces, represented in the political arenda by the
erstwhile Jan Sangh (renamed later as the Bharatiya Janata Party),
were rebuffed by the Indian electorate in all the successive elections
to the Parliament and various state legislative assemblies but for the
elections held in 1977.

The 1977 general elections proved a turning point in the
post-independence political history of India. The elections were held
under the shadow of a dictatorial rule. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,
indicted by a court for indulging in corruption during her election
and facing a country-wide protest movement led by youths, had declared
a state of emergency and suspended all the fundamental rights of the
citizens, gagging the press, arresting her opponents and unleashing a
reign of terror.

The Indian voters expressed their anger against the dictatorial rule
through the ballot papers, routing the Congress party and electing to
power the Janata Party, a newly formed coalition of opposition
parties. Mainly because they had joined the Janata coalition that most
of the Jan Sangh leaders got elected to the Parliament.

It was a negative vote against the dictatorial rule of Mrs. Indira
Gandhi and not a positive vote for the Hindutva ideology that helped
the Jan Sangh gain political legitimacy in the country. When the
Janata government fell due to bickering among the constituentsand
fresh elections were held, people voted Mrs. Gandhi and her Congress
party back to power. The biggest loser was the Jan Sangh that had
renamed itself as Bharatiya Janata Party. Only two BJP candidates
managed to win their seats in the Lok Sabha.

From the subsequent events and developments, it would become clear
that the BJP gained more political mileage from the follies of the
Congress than from the popularity of the Hindutva ideology. It was
because of fragmentation of opposition votes due to the presence of a
large number of political parties in the election fray that the
Congress was managing to win a majority in the Parliament and in state
assemblies. Else, the popularity of the Congress party was fast
depleting on account of corruption in high places, rising inflation,
the culture of sycophancy and perpetuation of one family rule - that
of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.


But it was chiefly because of some retrogressive action of the
Congress government like the decision to nullify the Supreme Court's
judgment on the Shah Bano case through an ordinance and Prime Minister
Rajiv Gandhi's move to throw open the Babri mosque for the devotees of
Lord Ram, that gave a shot in the arm to communal elements among both
the Hindus and Muslims.

It was Prime Minister V P Singh's decision to implement the
recommendation of the Mandal commission on socially and economically
backward classes that hastened the BJP to take up the issue of
Ramjanmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya, lest the coming together of all the
depressed classes - harijans, advisasis, other backward classes (OBCs)
becomes a formidable obstacle to the Sangh Parivar's dream of turning
India into a Hindurashtra.

The Sangh Parivar systematically went about recruiting and mobilizing
harijans, adivasis and members of other backward classes for the
Ramajanmabhoomi campaign. Through the campaign, the Sangh Parivar
managed to 'sanskritize' and bring under the fold of Hindutva members
of those communities who had been suffering the humiliation of
untouchability for centuries. When the bricks meant for the
construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya were consecrated in a Dalit
colony or a slum, those who participated in the ceremony felt equal to
the caste Hindus.

Simultaneously, the Ramjanmabhoomi campaign portrayed the Muslims as
'enemies' of the country who had no place in the Hindurashtra. The
Indian Constitution had rejected the two-nation theory by adopting
secularism. Hence, what could not be achieved through constitutional
means, the Sangh Parivar sought to achieve through unconstitutional
and extra-parliamentary means by driving a communal wedge in the
Indian society.

Polarization of society on communal lines has vastly benefited the BJP
as is evident from the increasing strength of its members in both the
Parliament and the various state assemblies. The communal carnage,
which triggered off the ghastly memories of Nazi concentration camps,
that shattered Gujarat between February and April 2002, was translated
into a mandate for chief minister Narendra Modi to rule the state for
yet another five years.

The Gujarat assembly election results porten a serious threat to the
secular India because the BJP and its extra-parliamentary allies, the
VHP, the Bajrang Dal and the RSS, have made it amply clear that they
will be trying out the 'Gujarat Experiment' in the elections to the
assemblies of six states later this year as also in the parliamentary
general elections the next year.


Though there appears to be a surface calm in Gujarat, the Modi
government and the Sangh Parivar continue to target the Muslims. The
state government is out to subverting the process of justice to ensure
that no one involved in the 2002 carnage is punished. The Best Bakery
case in a glaring example of this. In the Best Bakery case, the
session's court has acquitted all the 21 accused of killing 14 hapless
people, including women and children, after the key witnesses were
coerced by the local BJP MLA and his municipal councilor brother into
retracting their statement. Similar has been the fate of most of the
cases of heinous crimes in which BJP, VHP and RSS activists are the

While those who had committed murder, rape, loot and arson are roaming
fearlessly, the police is hunting down Muslim youths, foisting trumped
up charges against them and arresting them under the draconian
Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). In most of the POTA
cases, the charge leveled against the detained person is the same that
he had been recruited by Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI, after
the Godhra carnage, taken to Pakistan, trained there in terror tactics
and brought back to Gujarat to attack Hindu places of worship and kill
leaders of the BJP and VHP.

In times of communial violence in Gujarat, the language press sheds
its yellow and dons deep saffron. The Gujarati press has proved time
and again that pen is mightier than a trishul (trident). With scant
regard for journalistic ethics, the Gujarati press has been adding
fuel to the fire by whipping up communal passions.

The Muslims in Gujarat are a hounded lot, condemned by the ruling
party politicians (BJP and its VHP-RSS allies), a partisan police
force and civil administration and a belligerent press. If this is not
Fascism, what is it?


A cornered cat pounces at the throat of the one who has cornered it.
Should the Muslims act likewise? Some of them did. The serial bomb
blast in Mumbai was in retaliation to the demolition of the Babri
mosque. So were several other acts of terrorism. But an act6 of
terrorism triggers off state terrorism of greater maginitude. Besides,
terrorism alienates the common people from a terrorist outfit.

An act of terrorism by members of the minority community helps
reinforce the propaganda by Fascist forces that Muslims are
anti-social elements who need to be dealt with an iron hand. It was
because of the attack on the Akshardham temple complex in Gandhinagar
and the assassinatioin of former home and revenue minister Haren
Pandya that the police could terrorize the Muslims by subjecting a
large number of youths to torture and then putting them behind bars
under the provisions of the draconian POTA.

Violence breeds greater violence. Similarly, communalism of the
majority community thrives on communalism of the minority community.
Some religious and political leaders seek to encourage and strengthen
orthodoxy among the Muslims on the plea that preserving a distinct
identity is the only way to survive the onslaught by forces that seek
to wipe out Islam. But by doing so, they add fuel to the fire of
communalism on which Fascist forces thrive.

Another tendency seen among a few Muslim leaders is to accept the
supremacy of the majority community and be rewarded with a share in
power. Such Muslim leaders, who accept positions in the government or
in the ruling party, play a second fiddle to the top leadership and
come in handy for the Fascist regimes to tom-tom their 'secular'
credentials. As happens with any fifth columnist, they become a
subject of abject contempt among their own community even as their
loyalty remains suspect in the eyes of the majority community.

A vast majority of Muslims are poor and illiterate, making them
vulnerable to the machinations of politicians and the clergy.
Politicians, irrespective of their party affiliations, view Muslims as
a conglomerate of various monolithic, closely-knit clans each
controlled by clerics and/or community leaders. In times of elections,
politicians seek the support of these clerics and community leaders,
who act as power-brokers.

Politicians, clerics and community leaders have shown little interest
in the welfare and uplift of the common Muslims. On the contrary, they
seem to have a vested-interest in keeping the masses illiterate and
their attention diverted from such burning issues as education,
poverty, unemployment, social and economic justice. The same holds
true for the Hindutva forces too.

Karl Marx had described religion as the opiate of masses. The
followers of Savarkar, Godse and Modi are proving Marx right in
Gandhi's Gujarat


When in 1906, young barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi launched his
satyagraha in South Africa against the discriminatory treatment being
meted out to people of Indian origin, his chief lieutenants included
Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Dalits and Christians. Among his colleagues
were also Chines, British and Germans. Indeed Gandhi was a Vishwamanav
(global citizen) whose quest for truth could not be constricted by the
consideration of caste, creed or colour.

When he set up the Satyagraha Ashram on the bank of the Sarbarmati
river in Ahmedabad a decade later, Gandhiji nominated Imam Abdul Kadir
Bawazeer, a Muslim priest who had courted jail in 1910 as a Satyagrahi
in South Africa, as the vice-chairman of the ashram's managing
committee. Bawazeer succeeded Gandhiji's secretary Mahadev Desai as
the chairman of the ashram after the latter was arrested during the
Salt Satyagraha in 1930. And, when Gandhiji was arrested, he nominated
76-year-old Justice Abbas Tayyabji to lead the Salt Satyagraha.

Gandhiji's Satyagraha ashram was a global village. Its inmates
included Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Parsis and Christians. Even Miraben,
the youngest daughter of an admiral of the British Royal Navy, was an
ashram inmate, such broad was Gandhiji's concept of universal

When in 2002, a group of concerned citizens gathered at the satyagraha
ashram to discuss ways to promote communal harmony, it was attacked by
a mob crying 'Jai Shri Ram'. A few days back, the mob that had
destroyed the mausoleum of Vali Deccani, a.k.a Vali Gujarati, the
great poet credited with founding the composition of shaayari, was
also shouting the same very war cry of 'Jai Shri Ram'.

Gandhiji had popularized the singing of the hymn:
"Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Pateet Paavan Sita Ram
Eeshwar, Allah Tere Naam, Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan"

The Muslim, Christian and Parsi inmates of the satyagraha ashram sang
the hymn with equal devotion as it was a prayer to one God who was
known by different names and whose blessings the hymn sought so that
good sense prevailed among all human beings.

But since December 6, 1992, when fanatic Hindu mobs demolished the
Babri mosque at Ayodhya as an act of revenge against the 15th Century
Moghul emperor, Babar, the chant of 'Jai Shri Ram' has assumed violent
connotation, striking terror among the non-Hindus, specially Muslims
whom the Hindu fanatics chided as 'Babar ki Aulad' (Descendants of the

Source : Counter Currents
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#663 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2020 06:42
Nilim Dutta

Nilim Dutta is a Marxist Bahujan activist in Assam.

Read his articles here and here.

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#664 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2020 06:43
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#665 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2020 07:05
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#666 [Permalink] Posted on 11th February 2020 15:14
A brother from our forum is battling misguided Muslims on Facebook. I am proud of him.
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#667 [Permalink] Posted on 11th February 2020 15:36
Has Shaheen Bagh a Muslim Angle?

(A Facebook Post by a physician in Saudia Dr Ahsan Khan on Facebook. Dr Khan in my view has a Jama-at-e-Islami inclination but very vehmently took a stand against Shaheen Bagh having any Muslim connection.)

Kicked out a Muslim bigot (blind Bhakt of road map suggested by Sharjeel Imam & Ali sohrab) from friend list who thinks that it is a fight for Muslim identity, not the fight for constitution and every unislamic thing in constitution should be objected and fight to remove these from constitution SHOULD BE NOW.

( I have linked Sharjeel's video earlier, I still have to watch Ali Sohrab's video.)

In our messenger group 'Discussion' in which they added me about a year ago, when he posted a 40 min speech of Ali Sohrab (Kaka waani fame) about fight for identity VS constitution, I agreed with analysis part but raised my doubts about his suggested road map part and asked few questions to him and group members, for example I asked... "if it a fight for Muslims identity then why it was not started with this zeal on 6th Dec 1992 or Gujrat 2002 or atleast on passing of law against instant TT?.... why the starting point of identity fight of Muslims is chosen as CAA (which has a directly constitution violation point)??..... On these questions whole DISCUSSION group was having a dead silence for complete 2-3 days. Obviously they didn't have any convincing answer to those logical questions. When I found out that other than what is in conformity to ideology of group they are not open to discussing contrary ideas so for me it was pointless to stay in the group. I quitted. Within 24 hours of it he became as if dead against those who doesn't toe in his ideology and started indirectly ridiculing Muslims living in Saudi on FB in response to my comment that.... "these changes you wished (related to removing marriages between homosexuals from Indian law and desire of other Islamic things incorporation) will never be possible in India so Start looking for nationality of any Islamic country". It was a light sarcasm by me because he was too aggressive in saying that it is a fight for Muslim's identity and wanted it to take complete precedence and priority over save constitution fight and in fact rejecting the save constitution idea completely.
According to him those Muslims who are fighting for constitution along with seculars are making the constitution their 'Khuda' and doing its 'pooja', here he conveniently forgot that Rasulullah saw had treaties with jews of Madina as well for any potential attack from mushrikeen-e-makkah. When I suggest Cooperation and comrediery with seculars is the need of hour and like sulah hudaibiya then he says that it is 'Farari' from real fight and too weakness of "Farar Mirza ji" to talk about "Jung-e-badr". And he repeats this farari word again and again 3-4 times for Muslims working in Saudi Arab... By saying that "Mulk ko chhodker Saudi me kamane chale jate hain.. Vo kya is ladayi mein hissa lenge" etc etc.
Those who says that it is a fight for Muslim identity, it is not for saving constitution, themselves got this newly found courage from save constitution agitations after CAA is passed. What an ironic hypocrisy. πŸ˜›
I think that exactly such was the mentality which gave rise to fitna of 'Khwarij' at one point of time in early Islamic history.

Farooq Khan : I would like to warn you that lately i am seeing many facebook profiles of Muslims who are continuously trying to sabotage the anti CAA protest by instigating Indian Muslims that they should reject the secular way of carrying out these protests. One thing common which you might observe in these ids is they usually do not have a profile pics..Beware they are RSS ids

Ahsan Khan : Farooq Khan No brother in this particular unfortunate case he was my very good FB friend since almost 8 years. He has a very good grasp over north Indian (UP, Bihar) politics and Muslim psyche. He is a very eloquent writer on these issues with minimal scope for disagreement. May be I shared his 300 posts on my wall till date. On this particular issue his sensibility and common sense came down crashing very badly and on my raising objection to it he behaved no different than any bigot bhakt of any other ideology. And became too personal in attacking in a despicable manner.

Farooq Khan : He might be one radicalized but there are also such people who are active..

Ahsan Khan : Farooq Khan Read the full details I added by editing the post so that everyone can understand the whole issue properly.

M.B. Khan : Obviously it may be concluded that it is thought of a person fundamentalist having unhatched knowledge of civic society and is very much clear that such provocation reveals the fact that he is working as agent of communal party and plate form.
He is paid agent as piece of bread to dog and dog is barking to defame a worthful movement.

Ahsan Khan : M.B. Khan No brother in this particular unfortunate case he was my very good FB friend since almost 8 years. He has a very good grasp over north Indian (UP, Bihar) politics and Muslim psyche. He is a very eloquent writer on these issues with minimal scope for disagreement. May be I shared his 300 posts on my wall till date. On this particular issue his sensibility and common sense came down crashing very badly and on my raising objection to it he behaved no different than any bigot bhakt of any other ideology. And became too personal in attacking in a despicable manner.
May Allah give him hidaya.

M.B. Khan : So it is very much clear that he has been forced and tortured badly to state like this I Think he is now under a severe pressure.his will power has been damaged and made compelled badly.

Ahsan Khan : M.B. Khan No brother he is sincerely committed to those thoughts without any fear or pressure.

Saud Ahmed Siddique : I agree absolutely with your view point. I always suspected people like Sharjeel Imaam to be BJP agents in our community. They are attempting to isolate our community in such turbulent times so that no one comes to our rescue and we are left to the mecy of sanghis

Ahsan Khan : Saud Ahmed Siddique in this particular unfortunate case he was my very good FB friend since almost 8 years. He has a very good grasp over north Indian (UP, Bihar) politics and Muslim psyche. He is a very eloquent writer on these issues with minimal scope for disagreement. May be I shared his 300 posts on my wall till date. On this particular issue his sensibility and common sense came down crashing very badly and on my raising objection to it he behaved no different than any bigot bhakt of any other ideology. And became too personal in attacking in a despicable manner.
May Allah give him hidaya.

Suraj Sayyed : Saud Ahmed Siddique Even now we are living at the mercy of #Chaddis..fki from 1947.

A Ziya : But I will condemn every one who raise jai Shree r**m slogans along sitting around homa , and raising anti Islamic slogans..
I ll condemn such types of anti CAA gathering...

If you think it's Constitution and need of hour to say the slogans to impress secular minded people, then just wait wrath of Allah... I don't believe such type of Constitution

Ahsan Khan : A Ziya Yes. But that wasn't our context. We already had discussion over that and I was on same side like you and him.

A Ziya : Ahsan Khan yes sir, but many Muslims men n women sitting near the fire and chanting slogans which are are totally against the basics of Islam..

Jazakallah khaira for clearing my confusion

Ahsan Khan : A Ziya You are presuming too much at a different context post.
Anyway you have right to hold your opinion with which I too agree BUT first identify the context of post and give opinion on correct context. Keep this present opinion reserved for expressing at appropriate place.

Saud Ahmed Siddique : A Ziya don't talk rubbish and don't try to discredit the anti CAA agitation. No one among the anti CAA protestors chants anti Islam slogans.

Ahsan Khan : Saud Ahmed Siddique Even if some stupid Muslims chanted.... They are extremely rare and we condemn that strongly BUT if any one blame that all those Muslims who are joined by seculars are those who made constitution their "Khuda" and doing its 'Puja' is nothing but Khwariji ideology.

Saud Ahmed : Siddique Ahsan Khan it is Khwarji ideology but here their design is nefarious and that is to harm our community

Sultaan Noor : Ahsan Khan this fight is both for saving the Constitution and against the ruling parties approach towards Islam and Muslims

Ahsan Khan : Sultaan Noor Exactly

Sultaan Noor : Ahsan Khan but the sorry state is for harassing and making Muslims bring down their feet they are playing with Constitution

Ahsan Khan : Sultaan Noor couldn't got this... "Bring down their feet". Pls elaborate it.

Sultaan Noor : Ahsan Khan either be a third class citizen without any rights like gulam or convert to Hinduism but that as in their hindutva ideology of lower caste hindu

Ahsan Khan : Sultaan Noor That's true but right now beyond the scope of discussion on post.

Sultaan Noor : Ahsan Khan there is a background going of third world order many may have heard but don't know much about it I too don't know in depth but I know enough to understand what's going on and what's going to happen and who are the main five making others work as katputli for them

Zafar Jung : Forget people like u have mentioned above. Just move forward.

Tausif Alam Khan : Ahsan Khan what you have articulated in your post here is absolutely correct and to the point. Here is a fight just not of Muslims alone. It is a fight to save constitution and thereby to save the country. Undoubtedly, this fight is no less important than the fight against the Angrez Bahadur whose stooges are now ruling. They have adopted the same policy of 'Divide and Rule'. I fully endorse your viewpoints.

Ahsan Khan : Unfortunately people like my this ( Ex) friend are indirectly helping the Sangh by giving them an opportunity to create a rift between the unified protestors (first time such unique unification in the history of independent India). πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Sayed Mohammad Tariq Zafar : Dear brother in present time period we have only Muslims not momins. They do not want to follow almighty Allah's commandments but they want to show they are Muslims. They keep English writers books in drawing room which they have not read in their life. They keep Quran e majeed inside the house to prove themselves as a secular. They consider madarsa and masjid like a place of waste and want to sit somewhere in public resturant to show that they are high profile people. Most of the people consider that they are mujahid E Millat. When they are unable yo give logical answers then they start passing unwanted comments. According to Indian breed, that Arabs are kafirs or munafiq and they are true and obedient muslems. When you ask or request them to participate in Islamic work then they will not. Neither they cooperate financially or nor they cooperate in Islamic work. But they want jannat. Just to project themselves secular they do not speak truth, they just be silent and ignore the reality. They just narrate hadees which suits their logic. They are good only with people who are alike. Such people are opportunists and they will try their level best to protect constitution not Iman. So, DO YOUR BEST FORGET THE REST.

Ahsan Khan : Sayed Mohammad Tariq Zafar Too generalized comment. I am just wondering that how to relate it with my post about a "Holier than thou" mentality which disregards the wisdom and even bitterly try to ridicule the people asking for use of wisdom.

Sayed Mohammad : Tariq Zafar Ahsan Khan you can request people but cannot force them. People are following their nafs then how they can use wisdom.

Hisamuddin Khan : The issue is too contentious and prejudice.
I prefers to be away from such subjects. Even doesn't like to be tagged.

Ahsan Khan : Hisamuddin Khan Noted. (Y)

Hisamuddin Khan : Ahsan Khan Shukriya

Yakub Syed : Do not go in past make sure your present and future for you and your generations ahead besafe and have equal status in India and rest of the world .this the war for survival of muslims and uneducated poor secular peoples of India.

Farooq Khan : Muslims in India need to completely change their radical ideology and try to be adjusting in their views about religion..These unnecessary radical ideas is something very dangerous and right wing parties like BJP takes no time to highlight a single such incident.....

Ahsan Khan : Farooq Khan What explanation do you think that Muslims of Medina attacked jews?
(although it is not the context of present post)

Farooq Khan : They attacked jews and displaced them once the danger looming over them was over ...its a fact..No one should think like that in current context..

Ahsan Khan : Farooq Khan So they were attacked just to displace them from there?
After which war with mushrikeen Muslims did so?

Ahsan Khan : After Jung-e-Ahzab or after Fatah Makkah?

Iqbal Ahmed Azmi : When jews saw Muslims becoming regional power they began conspiring against them , not also conspiring but began openly harassing them , their aim was to retain their upper hand and monopoly in madina , they saw a great danger in growing power of Muslims hence they took every possible measure that they could to expel Muslims , there was also rivalry that was turning violent ,
It came to the point " you or me " ,

A Muslim women clad in hijab selling something in the main market of Medina was mocked and molested by all of theJews present at that time in the market , no apology came from Jews leaders ,

Jews succeeded in convincing Tribes around Madina that Muslims will enslave us and will finish our religion and way of life , they are capturing land by force , they will finish us all if not expelled from Madina ,

The combined forces of Jews and Pagans attacked Madina and Muslims defended themselves ,

Farooq Khan : Iqbal Ahmed Azmi That is agreed and the Word in those times worked from a different perspective and frequent wars and hostilities among the tribes did not gave too much space for trust. People were ruthless and so were the repercussions against any conspiracies. The problem here is that some Muslims still see the World in the light of those times...

Iqbal Ahmed Azmi : Farooq Khan you right , they must understand the things applicable at that time is not applicable today ,
That time it was sword that was delivering justice , all disputes were settled by swords , the requirements of the people and society were different today it is different and tomorrow it will be different ,
Always Muslims have to find solutions in the light of Quran using common sense

Iqbal Ahmed Azmi : The people you mentioned above belong to a specific school of thought and are overwhelmed by a specific ideology but their sarcastic comments show they lack full knowledge of the flock they belong , it also shows they lack character of that flock ,
I was thinking and talking in the same way when my knowledge was limited and was close to that flock , according to my knowledge that applies only upon Islamic states and all those scholars and leaders preaching against taghoot and Islamic Riyasat belonged to Muslim countries , their struggle was limited to their respective countries ,

They forget that Islam commands " Allah ki Zameen per Fasaad mat Failao " , armed struggle is allowed only when all options are dead ,
They are not educated person because knowledge broadens mind , knowledge makes views lighter , softer and flexible ,

Battle of Badr is a fact so the Sulah e Hudaibiya and charter of Madina ,
The constitution of any country must be made in favour of each and every citizen of that country with mutual consent and each and every citizen must fight to protect that constitution ,

any Muslim who is against the constitution of India is not better than a stupid Sanghi and these people must be condemned and boycotted on every plateform of the society

Ahsan Khan : Iqbal Ahmed Azmi I earlier told them the same thing that we are not in an Islamic country.

Iqbal Ahmed : Azmi Ahsan Khan they will not understand your point , their mind is occupied with Taghoot , they believe in a specific ideology that preaches radicalism ,
In my personal view some of the points raised by Maudoodi and other like minded scholars are complicated and require a deep analysis ,
We have to understand The Message was not only for that century it is for the all centuries till Qayamat and things will carry on evolving , requirements of the people and society will carry on changing ,
Anyway they will not change their mind because it has become part of their Eimaan till they Educate themselves

Kashif Siddiqui : Those making this NRC_CAA a Muslim only issue are falling straight into BJP's trap knowingly or unknowingly . Also those "Muslims" talking of violence are towing BJP line. BJP wants Muslims to get violent so that they get a chance to brutally annihilate Muslims , while the world blames Muslims only..

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan Dr Saheb I think..first of all we should understand clearly the meaning of Secularism in it's original form.The term is meant for Governments only.It's not forcibly applicable to people. " A secular state is an idea pertaining to secularity, whereby a state is or purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion." Even though in our Country Governments make a false tradition that sleeping with different Communities is called.. Secularism.Under this narrative they are supporting Majoritarianism.

Ahsan Khan : Suraj Sayyed I think we know the meaning of secularism in Indian context..... Which is different from the European context.
Anyway post is about radical thoughts of some Muslim brothers.

Suraj Sayyed : I couldn't name them Radicals.They are just enthusiastic childs.

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan First of all we People of India should demand the State to be Secular.

Ahsan Khan: Suraj Sayyed I don't think it is a issue of setting chronology of... First and second then third. You sound like a defense lawyer.

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan Certainly it's the methodology..if not chronology.Yes..i want to defend this people by defending it's Constitution.

Ahsan Khan : I have some objection on use of "first of all" because it is giving an impression that you want to put other fights like save constitution etc on Blackburner till this "first of all" secular state is not achieve.
So my reply was in this context which you misconstrued in a new comment on main thread for people's participation into an minor apparent disagreement/confusion between both of us. It is not a healthy way because you have adopted this style 3rd time since you are in my friend list on FB. πŸ˜”

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan I see. Then you should have mentioned your objection clearly in your previous comment.My idea is.. all the issues related to the implementation of Constitution.Hence I proposed it.

Ahsan Khan: Suraj Sayyed I thought that my reply is clear enough when I said that.... "I don't think that it is a issue of setting chronology of... First... & second.. & third"....these were about priorities in front of us Muslims.
It was not at all difficult to understand.

Anyway I am now off from it since we both are of the same opinion that it is not purely a fight for Muslim identity.

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan Right.

Suraj Sayyed : India Should Be a Secular State Under The Present Constitution Which Guarantees The Identities of Religious Minorities.Any Trials to Change In It's Basic Values Could Lead India in to Chaos.Protection of Indian Constitution is Protecting The Identity of Religious Minorities. All Those Who Likes The Indian Constitution Should Fight With Anti-constitutional Forces.

Aejaz Inamdar Punture Wala : Suraj Sayyed bhai aajkal aapki post reflect nahi karti meri tl per.

Suraj Sayyed : Aejaz Inamdar Punture Wala I am busy in Anti #NPR #NRC #CAA.

Abul Hasan Dasankop : Kaminoh kee hadd hogayee we have huge task ahead unite protest agitate motivate to our constitution and democratic that should be the only vision at this hour if not fascism will take over

Iqbal Husain : I think we are cornered from all sides. we do not have capacity to even dream about ideal situation and ideal state. It is a fact that secularism is intensely hated in India. opposition for secularism and peace movements strongest here. what is the solution. indulging in stupidities . doing all sort of nonsense things and wild statements like that of shargil imaam etc. A community which is not even capable of winning debates at TV shows. a community which is not capable of writing a suitable rejoinder against those who malign quran and personal character of our beloved prophet (PUBH) cannot and should not resort to emotional gimmicks .

Ahsan Khan : Exactly.
They are living in fool's paradise.

Mohamed Ashfakh Mandi : True. We are not educated. We don't compete with others in any of the fields. We are not prepared to challenge others in sports and games. We don't have quality advocates, writers, artists and journalists. We are below average in every field.

Farooq Khan : The reality is that one unnecessary statement from Sharjeel Imam has done so much damage to anti CAA protests which the entire might of BJP propaganda cell was not able to do. Now no matter you go to them explaining the 1hr video verus 5 mins video but the fact is that this guy has uttered sheer nonsense..A privileged education does not necessarily guarantee maturity and clarity of thoughts..

Ahsan Khan : True. Although we don't doubt his intentions. He has a great concern for ummah but his proposed solution is highly wrong in timing and even may be solution itself also.

Iqbal Ahmed : Azmi Farooq Khan education that fails to mature mind and to grow the sense of right and wrong , good and bad is just waste of time and the degree gained is just a piece of paper ,
A educated person always looks for logic and reason but these people disappoint us , Sharjeel is not alone there are thousands upon thousands those talk nonsense

Mi Irfan : Farooq Khan yeah.. we can see govt is waiting for the same.. ie our one mistake

(Link to a programme called Who is inciting Muslims of India?)

Suraj Sayyed : Ahsan Khan You are opposing the proposal of Muslim identity fight proposed by your ex friend in your post. At the same time you are opposing my proposal &.methodology which is based upon the Indian Constitution.Can you plz tell us what to do ?

Ahsan Khan : Suraj Sayyed Go back to same our discussion on your previous comment and try to infer my reply again. No need to open new fronts πŸ˜›
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#668 [Permalink] Posted on 12th February 2020 05:31
Maripat wrote:
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Apologies, Professor Sahab, but there is too much raw data in the post above.

Perhaps a short summary for us TLDR folk?
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#669 [Permalink] Posted on 12th February 2020 06:15
abuzayd2k wrote:
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I have covered the main idea in my comment in the beginning of the post. The comment is in the parenthesis.

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#670 [Permalink] Posted on 13th February 2020 06:17
Professor Sahab, what are you views on Governor of Kerala and ex Congress MP Mr. Arif Muhammad Khan, especially in view of his stance towing the government narrative on CAA/NRC/NPR? He seems to have a lot of admiration for Maulana Azad (RA). However, I sensed he is very critical of orthodox Islamic leadership.
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#671 [Permalink] Posted on 13th February 2020 06:44
abuzayd2k wrote:
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I have written about him on FB but forgot to post it here. Here is the summary.

(1) The Muslim massacre in the aftermath of Godhara event left an extremely devastating effect on Arif Muhammed Khan.

(2) He had at that time visited Gujrat and in two separate events in AMU opined that if anyone sees what happened there then he'll lose his mental balance.

(3) Then he organized a Vighatan Virodhi Rally (Rally Against Disintegration) in Delhi.

(4) Then we heard that he was trying to join BJP.

(5) It did not quite work out.

(6) Then we heard that he was doing a deep study of Hinduism.

(7) Then a few months back we saw him in an interview with Karan Thapar where he unashamedly praised BJP and criticized Muslims completely.

(8) Next news we heard that he has been made Kerala governor.

(9) In his study days he was president of AMU students union. Then he entered national politics and served as minister of civil aviation in a Congress government at the centre in India.

(10) He is in a severe state of PTSD due to post Godhara Muslim massacre of Gujrat.

I hope this covers yours queries.

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#672 [Permalink] Posted on 13th February 2020 14:35
abuzayd2k wrote:
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Dont add Mr. ...
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#673 [Permalink] Posted on 14th February 2020 10:07
Servant.Of.Allah wrote:
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For all I know, he is better than me.
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#674 [Permalink] Posted on 20th February 2020 09:15
Some Aftermath of An Earlier Post on Facebook

Maripat Abu Adil : Kashif Siddiqui by agreeing with Dr Ahsan Khan and Saud Alam Siddique you are clipping the wings of this beautiful bird - girl Shaheen.

Ahsan Khan : Maripat Abu Adil. By your this comment I can see your anguish with my opinion which I mentioned in detail in post. You should have discussed it there only. Your this comment is not only totally diluting my views but almost giving it a wrong twist that as if I am deadly against Sharjeel Imam and consider him seditious. By making this comment on this small and very simple speech (which doesn't even properly touch the point of my disagreement with my that ex FB friend) you are as if trying to prove me Anti to Sharjeel Imam's each & every aspect of thought.
Very sad. It is highly understandable form of disagreeing. I never expect it from you. πŸ˜”

Maripat Abu Adil : Ahsan Khan I am sorry in case I have disappointed you by pretending to be nicer than I actually am.
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#675 [Permalink] Posted on 22nd February 2020 06:56
National and Local Calamity

(1) Indian part of Muslim Ummah is in deep trouble owing to the peaking of the Hindu anger against us.

(2) I have been trying to keep an eye, unsuccessfully, on the events in our country.

(3) The persecution in India at the moment is progressing under the patronage and is lead by the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

(4) In a sense whole of India has been praying as well as working to wiggle out of his clutches.

(5) Unfortunately the electoral majority happens to bbe with him and hence he continues his drive.

(6) One of the features of his onslaught is that media has turned en masse in his favour and in a manner that is very toxic for not only the Muslims, his main target, but even those people from the majority community who would like to protect Muslims.

(7) Yet there are notable exceptions to this. The web portal that I am linking with this note is among those that have tilt towards Mr Modi.

(8) Yet so many times they bring out reports that are critical of him.

(9) In the report linked it is asserted that Mr Modi who have damaged the national economy is also hurting the local ones too.

(10) The disaster he might create might lead to easing of the situation for those who at the moment happen to be the victims of his actions.

Source : IE
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