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The Prohibition of Mutah Marriages

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abu mohammed, Arfatzafar
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 9th March 2015 18:44
al-Salamu `Aleykum,

This is the result of a thorough research on the Fiqh of the Mutah of women, the article relies on expert classical material such as "Tahreem Nikah-ul-Mut`ah" by abi al-Fath al-Maqdisi, and contemporary material such as "Nikah-ul-Mut`ah Dirasah wa Tahqeeq" by Muhammad al-Ahdal.

Link: Mutah

This article will deal with:

-Prophetic narrations on the ruling of Mutah .
-Does the Qur'an establish the practice of Mutah ?
-When was Mutah prohibited?
-`Umar's opinion on temporary marriage.
-The Companions who are claimed to have permitted Mutah .
-Mut`ah in the eyes of the three popular Shia sects: Twelver, Zaydi & Ismaili.
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