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The nature of insaan (humans)-

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Seifeddine-M, Taalibah
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th July 2012 12:55

There are 4 elements of a human:

1- fire

2- water

3- air

4- soil


1- fire:

Fire rises in flames, similarly TAKABBUR rises to the top of a person until it gets out of control...

2- water:

Water fills the space in which it is contained, similarly, GREED , it takes up all the space it can contain itself in and still is not content...

3- air:

"Im gna do what NOBODY ELSE can do"
Air is such a substance which is all around us. Without air we could never survive and only air can give that benefit. 
4- soil:
The earth and soil hides its riches, gold and precious elements hence the last quality is: Selfishnes!
Every human posesses these qualities. Some posess these qualities more strongly than others yet no one can be in denial of any of these qualities! 
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