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Malady Of Love Sickness

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th September 2011 15:44
Sayings of Shaikh Saadi Rahimahumullah

O Travelers of the path to Allah! The heart is given away casting glances. If you wish to grant your heart to Allah Rabbul-Izzat, then lower your gazes and close your eyes to the creation.

It is reported in the Hadith that a sudden (involuntary) glance is forgiven and excused, however it may not be followed by a second glance, as this is not permissible.

Shaikh Saadi Rahimahumullah, claims that he is perfectly acquainted with the ways of love and courtship, just as the Arabs are acquainted with their horses.

He claims that had Laila and Majnoon (two renowned lovers) seen his era, they would have expressed their love for each other from his treasury of verses and poetry. He goes on to explain that, despite love's apparent glamour, it is in reality nothing but hallucinations and fantasies. The real and genuine tranquility of heart lies only in Allah Rabbul-Izzat and turning the gaze creation.

The author, in his humble opinion claims that the entire universe is constantly undergoing change. If the whole undergoes transformation, it is natural that its components and particles will undergo the same process. Thus the changing and perishing of beautiful objects, which are components of this ever-changing universe, is an undeniable fact of reality. When even sins and transgression destroy the pleasures of this transitory existence, then it is indeed foolish to grant preference to this fleeting dream over the eternal, everlasting Life of the Hereafter.

The person that makes a created object the ambition of his life, he has sold himself into the slavery of a slave; a helpless slave in the hand's of another helpless slave like himself. He thus brings "bondage upon bondage" on himself.

Prostrate and submit your desire before Allah Rabbul-Izzat and then observe the pleasure and sweetness of Ibadat

He who shatters his desires for the pleasure of Allah Rabbul-Izzat becomes a means for the guidance of others, who see the path of Allah Rabbul-Izzat through the Nur (effulgence) of his shattered heart.

While walking in a public place, if the gaze is directed at a strange woman, the Noor of the heart is extinguished and the heart becomes unsettled and restless.

If there is a beautiful woman or lad living in the vicinity, then the possibility of committing a major sin is highly probable and such a person is in mortal danger. He should immediately leave the vicinity or else lead a life of extreme caution and abstinence.

Some people that were afflicted by this malady requested the author for some remedy. I directed them to Zikrullah and prohibited them from meeting or seeing their beloved. Hardly a few days had elapsed, when they returned expressed their appreciation for the advice. The proper cure for this malady is redirecting the heart towards the Real Beloved. This is achieved by abundance of Zikr and Suhbat (companionship) of the True Lovers of Allah Ta'ala (the Awliya-Allah).

The person who discards his personal desires for the sake of Allah Rabbul-Izzat's pleasure, is generally considered by the ignorant masses as a person who is leading a very restricted and deprived existence, whereas he alone knows what pleasure Allah Rabbul-Izzat pours into the depths of his heart.

When a person suffering from love-sickness repents at the hands of a true Waliullah (Friend of Allah) and traverses the path of Love, he will quickly reach his destination. Day-to-day experiences indicate that those whose hearts are easily moved and affected by beauty, when directed in the correct avenue, become extremely valuable and precious

When the soul is leaving the body, it matters not whether it is sapped away in a gutter or on a king's throne; the only differentiating factor is whether the heart is attached to Allah Rabbul-Izzat or not.

by Moulana Hakeem Akhtar Damat Barkatuhum
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