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Malady of Laziness

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd October 2007 22:42

Malady Of Laziness

A student of knowledge was sitting in the Company of Shaykh Saleem, the Shaykh advised the student to Translate some religious works into English.

The student responded; " Sir I will start next week Insha'Allah."

"Why next week why not today? asked the Shaykh; "He further stated; " My son great works have been neglected and delayed until tomorrow! Many a great plan has been made but never carried out, those who waited till tomorrow have themselves left this world; Tell me if Iwere to tell you that in a certain village a Mountain of Gold has been discovered will you wait till tomorrow to rush there and get a share of the Wealth?

" No, I would set of straight away" , said the Student.

The Shaykh replied; " Yet when it comes to accruing the Wealth of the akhirah you delay till tomorrow, this is the Malady that afflicts many people. They are going to increase their Ibaadah, next Jumah or they are going to do it in Ramadhan; They keep saying they will but they never do.

"My son a person who keeps delaying till tomorrow will be at a loss, in both the duniyah and the akhirah..he will never achieve success. Be a man of action , never delay a righteous act, for who knows whether another opportunity will arrive or not, death awaits for no one."

Written by Julaybib.

Something to Ponder:

Is it not a fact that when it comes to a matter of duniyah most people never put it off. If there is a sale on at a Particular store they are the first ones to queue at the door before the store opens. If it is an issue of acquiring worldly wealth People hasten to acquire it.

But when it comes to the deen they keep delaying, unitl next Jumah, next Ramadhan...or in some cases "until I am Older". who knows how long we have left , let us not be distracted by the duniyah, for death can arrive at any moment,

Some unfortunate individuals are inflicted so badly by this Malady of Laziness that they waste their duniyah as well. They talk about one day starting a new course in college. or starting a new business a new career. years and decades go by, and they accomplish nothing. Neither for their own worldly benefit nor for their akhirah. Opportunities are lost.

The Person may develop a stronger desire to achieve things, but they may no longer have the Health to help them take advantage of those Opportunities.

May Allah Remove this Malady of Laziness from our hearts , Ameen.


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