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Appreciating Greatness

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 25th May 2007 23:40

Appreciating Greatness

"O our Lord, You did not create [all] this without purpose!"

In human nature two qualities are not unknown to us: (1) the admiration of greatness, and (2) the acknowledgement of kindness. When you see a precision instrument or a latest appliance, or an exquisite picture, or an eloquent article, you do not stop talking of its beauty until your praise extends to its creator. The deep wisdom or skill of the individuals makes you bow your intellect to them involuntarily in respect and admiration. Likewise, when someone does you a favor, you always remember it, and your tongue expresses gratitude just as your heart is filled with praise and awe! A poet says: "Your favor has gained you three things from me: My hand, my tongue, and my hidden heart."

The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) came to arouse these two qualities in the hearts of humans towards the One Who is most deserving of them. Do you not admire the greatness and salute its possessor? Do you not appreciate kindness and show gratitude to its doer? You surely admire the inventor of the aeroplane, and every time you see it streaking through the atmosphere your praise of his genius increases. So what do you think, therefore, of the One Who causes the thousands of stars to move in space without stopping or deviating? What do you think of Him Who created the mind of that inventor and deposited intelligence in the folds of his brain so that he could produce such things that arouse our admiration?

Is not your Lord and the Lord of all things more deserving of your praise for His greatness and favors? Why are our hearts so hardened today? When you truly recognize His Mercy and Greatness through the magnificence of His creation and blessings to us, you would be ashamed to attack Him, or disobey Him, or neglect His guidelines for leading our worldly life, or to attribute anything unworthy to Him. You would surely exclaim, together with the people of knowledge and intelligence, the above verse: Rabbana, ma Khalaqta hazha Baatilan!

"Fiqh-us-Seerah" - Muhammad Al-Ghazali
"Tafsir Ishraq Al-Ma'ani" - Sayyid Iqbal Zaheer

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