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Angels and Jinns Taking Of Various Shapes..

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st October 2021 11:59
As-Salaam alaikum,
it is known that Angels, genies (Jinns) do many things by disguising themselves as men. This is not transmigration or reincarnation. Rather, it is Allah Ta'ala that gave them the strength to take variuos shapes... some human beings are also given such powers.
Air always contains an amount of invisible moisture.. the white steam coming out of boiling water or out of the pipe of couldron is not moisture. It is only tiny drops of water. Colorless gases are not visible. As colorless atmospheric moisture condenses into drops in cold weather, which we call dew, in a similar way souls can take various shapes.

According to what we read, some Awliya have been seen at various places at the same time and have participated in different activities. Here also, their souls and other lotifas disguise themselves as men and take the shapes of diffrent bodies.
Wallahu A'alam.
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