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Hamas Respond, But Will They Deliver Salahuddin Al-Ayubi?

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UK/south africa
#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th January 2006 19:29

Hamas Respond, But Will They Deliver Salahuddin Al-Ayubi?

2006-01-27, Yamin Zakaria, London UK

?The US can't promote democracy but then reject the results of this democracy.? (Amr Moussa, Arab League Secretary General)

Jimmy Carter, the former US president, leading a team of 900 foreign observes said, the elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were "completely honest". Definitely honest, compared to the standards set by the US, when George Bush ?won? the Florida 2000 election by denying the blacks (Afro-Americans) and all the other coloured folks a vote, as they were poised to vote for the democrats. It must have brought pleasant memories back of the good old days, when the likes of Bush could literally chain and lynch those black folks; never mind vote, they would be lucky, if they could breath.

The turnout was 78 percent of 1.3 million voters, greater than most of the ?democracies? in the West, where the election results are known even before the election. Such ?elections? are determined by money, and not the votes: and if this is democracy then we need to redefine what constitutes oligarchy! It was amusing to see the responses of the Western leaders; some of them could be described as idiotic even if I was to be kind! Anyway, I have taken the liberty to respond to those comments on behalf of Hamas. If my answers are at odds with the Party position, I hope they will correct me.

Italy: "It is a very, very, very bad result," (Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister.)

Hamas: Oh, Why is that? I thought you were in favour of free and fair election, a pillar of democracy we keep hearing. Perhaps you prefer the mafia style oligarchy instead. Or may be you want our leaders to invest in porn and crime syndicates. When you clarify your commitment to democracy, you know the type of democracy, which is not rigged by money and ?influence?, perhaps then we can understand why you thought the result was a bad one. We did our best to play by the rules of your game but it seems somehow we have misunderstood the rules!

United Kingdom: ?But I think it is also important for Hamas to understand that there comes a point, and that point is now following that strong showing, where they have to decide between a path of democracy or a path of violence." (Tony Blair, the British prime minister)

Hamas: Mr Blair, if you oppose violence, what is your army doing in Iraq. Why have you invaded a country, killing between 30,000-100,000 innocent civilians, who have done no harm to your people? Is that not a clear example of unprovoked violence? Yes, a bit like your football hooligans, just ask Nick Griffin, he might give you a guided tour. If violence and democracy are mutually exclusive, then why do you not lead by example; disband your nuclear weapons, stop making huge profit from the sale of arms to dictators around the world. Why do you not call for the total nuclear disarmament and instead of just selectively targeting Iran, they have yet to produce anything nuclear.

Before you lecture us about violence, at least do the decent thing and get the facts, I know that can sometime hurt your conscience - that is if you have one. Tell us how many Palestinians and Israeli Jews have perished since 1948 or 1924. Who have been the bigger victims numerically? They are not the perpetrators but the real victim of state-terrorism. Did you know that many Jews from your country serve in the Israeli army, helping the ethnic cleansing process that began in 1948? Of course by wearing an Israeli army uniform that makes it civilised, but if the Muslims from Britain help the Palestinians that makes them terrorists. A bit like your UN, a Veto for you but none for us! If you do not believe me about the ethnic-cleansing process, which began in 1948, please take a look at the map of Palestine from 1946 till today.

USA: "I don't see how you (Hamas) can be a partner in peace if you advocate the destruction of a country (Israel) as part of your platform." (George Bush, the US President.)

Hamas: Absolutely correct Mr Bush, how can you be partner if you are destroying a legitimate country. That is exactly what the Iraqis are asking now. In fact how can you even talk of peace, as your armed forces have destroyed a country, a country that has never attacked your people? Do you not feel any shame in even uttering words like ?peace?? Perhaps you no longer understand what shame is, like many of your soldiers demonstrated in Abu-Ghraib, as many do regularly on Jerry Springer.

We would urge you to look at the facts. Please have a look at the map, it shows clearly who has been diminishing and who has been expanding since 1948.I refer to a map, as you have demonstrated numerous times you have a very poor grasp of history and geography. I know it might shock many of your citizens; some would dismiss the map as propaganda, as many think Palestinians invaded Israel in 1948. How many Palestinians houses destroyed compared to how many Jewish settlement are built everyday. You advocate a law where the Palestinians disposed from their homes in 1948 cannot return but any Jew can come and settle in that land, because the Bible says so. Now we as Muslims must abide by your religious verdict, yet all this time we thought you were against mixing religion and politics.

Hamas is not opposed to the existence of the State of Israel; we have no objection to its existence as long as it is not in Palestine. In fact, if you are so committed to a Jewish state, then why do you not lead by example? Remember deeds speak louder than words. You have a continent to play with. Give them Alaska, or New York. We and the rest of the Islamic world will give you more than 100% cooperation. By the way, while you are at it, please take with you all the other puppets you have imposed on the Islamic world. As for opposing the existence of Israel in Palestine, this is the opinion of the 1.5 billion Muslims and those who want a compromise, only because they are pragmatic not because they believe it to be a just solution.

USA: "You cannot have one foot in politics and another in terror"? that for the US, Hamas was still a terrorist organisation. (Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State).

Hamas: Hamas condemns terrorism, especially the larger state terrorism of the US, UK and Israel. We condemn the terrorism in Iraq, its people terrorised under ?shock and awe?, so that it can provide cheap entertainment for your people. Yet, how proud you Americans feel calling others violent, but this is what happens when one becomes immune from shame and arrogance. All we say, we have the right to defend and retaliate. If that means we are terrorists, then let the world know that we are indeed proud terrorists, as Sheikh Osama Bin Laden said clearly.

I am afraid Hamas could never match the terror of your firepower and your war machine that has consumed 100,000 plus civilians. We favour renouncing violence as the Palestinians are the ones who are terrorised, by the weapons that your government supplies to Israel. So that the ?chosen? people of God can have their way at any cost and some would classify that as a Nazi like ideology. Hamas will lay down their weapons when the Israelis lay down their weapons and return our lands and homes. Moreover, Hamas will support the right of the Jews to be compensated for the hundreds of years of persecution faced in Europe.

Final Remark

Why do you not admit that you do not favour genuine democracy but a government that will be subservient to your interests? It would stop all the arguments and debates. Remember when FIS (Islamic Salvation Front) was poised to win a fair election the Algerian government postponed it. Similarly the Turkish army constrained the Islamic party led by Necmettin Erbakan after it won the election. No cry for democracy than, which had to wait until 2003, when the US launched its war on terror (Islam), so building democracy became a good pretext.

This is not the first time the West has been exposed for their arrogance by arrogating themselves to speak for the Muslims, when they do not even represent their own population. Indeed, it was amusing to think how much agony the right-wing commentators must be in, like Jim Carey, in the film ?Liar Liar? - they cannot utter ?free and fair election? for the next 24 hours. Let us hope, those obnoxious characters disguised as journalists will stop knocking on our doors with slogans of democracy and freedom. May be now they realise that election like technology is only a means to achieve something, no civilisation has a complete monopoly on those things.

The party that has won has given its blood to its people and for the Muslims Ummah (Community). Was it not our children with rocks and stones have been defending Al-Aqsa, while the Muslim armies sit in their barracks and our so-called leaders commit hideous acts of treachery after treachery. By our blood and by our soul we will continue to sacrifice, until the return of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi with his army, and regain our peace and security; the land of olives (Bilad Az-Zaytun) will once again become green from red. We urge the rest of the Muslims Ummah to help us to hasten the return of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi and as a first step replicate our humble example in their respective lands.

Yamin Zakaria
London, UK

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