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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 20th April 2012 15:35
Invaluable, Inspiring Advices

Fear the Eyes Looking at the sins of Others
We look at people's sins. We are not looking at the mercy of our Lord. A tear or two wipes out their sins, does looking at his/her sins wipe out ours?

Change to the Clothes of Taqwa
A one or two year old child's foul smelling and dirty nappy is of no consequence to the mother who cleans and washes the child, perfumes him with baby powder and puts on clean clothes. Only then will she let the child go with a loving hug and a kiss. Even greater is the love of the Lord for His errant slave who becomes filthy with the repugnant smell of sin, who turns with regret to that Lord Who alone can forgive sins. He will remove the bad odour of the clothes of Ma'siyyat (Sins) and adorn the slave with the fragrant clothes of Taqwaa (Piety)!

Lost & Found
Imagine the distress of the parents who have lost their two year old baby! How they must search every corner, every street and how they must grieve when exhausted, they realise the child is lost! And then.....imagine the joy and happiness when their beloved child walks into the room! Well, Allah subhaanahu wat'ala's happiness is greater when a slave returns to Him in repentance!

The Hearts of the Pious
Why do people flock to the pious and desire to shake their hands? Why do people feel such love for them? They do not own factories, bungalows and flashy cars yet people flock around them wherever they go. It is due to the love of Allah which fills their hearts!

Du'a of Parents
Imagine two hundred qualified Mashaikh raising their hands to make Du'a for you! Imagine the power of that Du'a! Know that an old mother's Du'a has more power than that!

Gaze in the right Direction
The feet are continuously moving towards the grave however the gaze is continuously directed elsewhere!

What Preparations Have we Made?
We make elaborate preparations for a four day trip yet we make no preparations for the trip from here to the Qabr (Grave), the Hashr (Reckoning) and then to court of Allah subhaanahu wata'ala!

Tawbah karlo! (Repent!)
Allah subhaanahu wata'ala 'aadat ko 'ibaadat banaadenge! (Allah wil turn your Habit into Worship)
Tabiyat ko Sharee'at banaadenge! (Allah will turn your Health into Shariah)
Farishto se bhi 'alaa banaadenge! (Allah will raise you higher than the Angels)

Abd Al-Lateef bano, Abd al-lutf mat bano
(Become the slave of Abd Al-Lateef and not the slave of enjoyments)

Quotes from speech by Allaamah Rafeeq Jaami' of Pakistan speaking at Masjid Quwwatul Islam & Masjid-e-Quba (London April 2012)

ป posted by ummi taalib on 19th April 2012
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