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Dedicated to our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned.....

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 30th October 2011 20:23
Be patient, O prisoner Because you are a sun that the flowers turn for;

Going forth despite your shackles A leader despite the rocks in your way;

You are defiant, and you are like A shining blaze in an era of servitude;

You are the bold one leading falcons In the prison of betrayal;

I know that you're tired But, you are the brave lion;

I know that you're exhausted But, you are the great hope;

I know that you're weak But, you are the shining moon;

I know that you're confident That victory is for the patient;

We are surrounded by the petty And you are with the great;

So, rejoice in your prison And hold the devastating sword to the denier;

You display determination While the petty ones sleep in a haze;

Time has stopped in front of your prison Amazed at the blood that has been sacrificed...

You are the boldest!

May Allah hasten their release.Aameen.

[Sung by Abu 'Ali]
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 30th October 2011 20:35
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