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Neglecting Allah

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 26th June 2007 16:20

Neglecting Allah

Maulana Rumi (RA) says that O people! Youcan not tolerate the disappointment and separation of your wife andkids. If your wife goes to visit her family you become restless. If shebecomes upset, it is as if the whole world is drowning. So you can nottolerate this behavior when it comes to your wife and kids even thoughthey are not your direct benefactor. How then can you tolerate to upsetthat Being who has done, is doing, and will continue to bless you withbounties? Does it not cross your mind that I am disobeying such aBenefactor who gives me bread to eat because of which I am alive today?Allah is such a Being, that His benefits are upon us every moment whichare innumerable. Such a Benefactor should never be forgotten. Look athow fish behave out of water. They can not tolerate separation fromwater. Water did not create them, it is just where they live, but seethe connection they have with water. Even for one breath if they areseparated, they become restless and uneasy. And you being a human beingdisregard your Real Benefactor, the One, who created you from a drop ofsperm into a six foot tall person. In that same drop of sperm He hidthe treasure of sight, and now that impure fluid has the ability tosee. He hid in it the treasure of hearing, and today that impure fluidcan now hear. That same drop of impure fluid can not speak etc. Whichartist of the world can form something on the canvass of water? This isonly the manifestation of the power of Allah that He can form somethingso complicated out of a drop of sperm.

O Allah! You can create a beautiful human being out of an impurefluid. You can create art out of liquids, i.e. bodily fluids, and in itthere are eyes hidden, ears, a nose, and every limb.

O Allah! In hard and dry sugarcanes, you cause sweet nectar to comeforth and from that sugar is created. And from a lifeless fluid, youcreate the best of creation. This is all the manifestation of Yourlimitless power.

Such a Being who bestows innumerable favors upon us should never beforgotten. Rather our lives should be sacrificed for such a Being. Ourconnection with this Being should be such that:

"Your remembrance is my life, and to forget you is my death."

Our life lies in remembering Him, and we die a spiritual death whenwe forget Him. But Ah, such a kind Being, our Master, our Creator, ourSustainer, our Caretaker, we bear to neglect Him. Even if we sacrificeour lives for Him, then too we can never fulfill the right of one favorof His, because life itself is his favor, so what is the big deal if wegive it back to Him?

-Dars-e-Mathnawi, pg. 17-19

beautiful blog, full of gems:

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