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Lets try some wudhu quiz

It is helpful for everyone who follow hanafi mazhab
  • Quiz author:
    abu sawda
  • Quiz taken:
    33 times
  • Questions:
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    Fairly Difficult
90% + Scores
100% - LDCL
100% - _strivingmuslimah
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20 members

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Arslan. rated 'Very Easy'
No review posted by this member
Yasin rated 'Very Easy'
Question 3 has 2 valid answers and question 4 is incorrect. Please update.
ibnaijaz3 rated 'Very Easy'
samah rated 'Moderate'
No review posted by this member
HassanAli rated 'Moderate'
No review posted by this member
Rukkyness rated 'Very Easy'
oneummah rated 'Very Easy'
Unsure if all answers are correct. Please check
taibkhalid rated 'Very Easy'
There was a question that is Niyyat Fard in Wudhu, i answered no and it displayed incorrect answer. But the fact is that Niyyat is not Fard in Wudhu, kindly replay back....
Inayah rated 'Moderate'