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Abu Bakr

Try your best answering these questions You have all the time you need to answer the questions Even if you get 0 out of 3 you still tried And have fun
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    Sarah Rashid
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    17 times
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    Fairly Difficult
90% + Scores
100% - abu sawda
100% - bint e aisha
100% - dhaleelafathima
100% - nizamshaikh
100% - tehfrhn83
100% - tmalya
100% - wuquf-al-qalbi
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7 members

Below 50%:

sweetmuslimahk1 rated 'Fairly Difficult'
I just guessed :/
Yasin rated 'Moderate'
No review posted by this member
member2 rated 'Very Challenging'
No review posted by this member
Rehaan rated 'Very Easy'
No review posted by this member
abu sawda rated 'Very Easy'
tmalya rated 'Very Easy'