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its a simple quiz about tayyamum.
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    Fairly Difficult
90% + Scores
100% - afridi631
100% - ahmadyy09
100% - Arslan.
100% - atifsayyed
100% - bint e aisha
100% - ibn Ismail
100% - LDCL
100% - marium.uqaili
100% - MKO
100% - Muslimah50
100% - _strivingmuslimah
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4 members

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sweetmuslimahk1 rated 'Very Easy'
i got slightly confused on No.2 However tayyamum is permissible if there is a water a mile away
AFIFAH rated 'Very Easy'
No review posted by this member
afridi631 rated 'Very Challenging'
No review posted by this member
Arslan. rated 'Very Easy'
Good quiz, but the second question had at least two correct choices.
bint e aisha rated 'Very Easy'
No review posted by this member