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.* Sahabiyat: KHADIJAH r.a *.

Imam Bukhari r.a has mentioned that Caiph Umar r.a stated "We considered the women as worthless trash before Islam in Makkah. In Madinah, however she did enjoy some respect. When verses of the prophet Mohammad s.a.w regarding the status and position of wo
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SlaveOfAllah_ rated 'Fairly Difficult'
MarshaAllah good quiz!... Though still got one wrong
ahkar rated 'Fairly Difficult'
No review posted by this member
tankarvi rated 'Very Easy'
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Taalibah rated 'Fairly Difficult'
masha'Allah nice quiz!
tmalya rated 'Very Challenging'
Don't Forget to Make Dua For Me
sweetmuslimahk1 rated 'Moderate'
No review posted by this member
Aboo Hafsa rated 'Very Easy'
No review posted by this member