3 forms of intention

2nd June 2014
The three forms of intention

There are three possible forms of an intention during an action
1) To act with an excellent praiseworthy intention
2) To act with an evil intention
3) To act without any sort of intention

The ulama have written that that this ummah hasn't suffered as much due to acting with evil intentions but rather the ummah has suffered great losses by acting without forming an intention. If we focus on our lives, We will note that we perform many actions without any intention. If we performed these same actions with an intention, We can accumulate reward. Therefore, We should turn our habits into worship and obedience (In urdu, humein chahiye ke hum apni aadat ko ibaadat banayein)

- Mahboob ul Ulama wa Sulaha Hazrat Maulana Peer Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (d.b.)
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abc wrote on 3 Jun 2014
This is truly GOLDEN ADVICE
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