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posted by ummi taalib on 19th October 2009 - 0 comments
Precious advices taken from the teachings of various Scholars Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat During Hajj become an “aashiq” – a lover At the time of making du’a when first sighting the Ka’bah, ask Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa to accept all the du’a made at other places during the Hajj and Ziyaarat. Also ask to be given all that the Awliyaa (friends of Allah) asked for at this time.

HAJJ - The Lover's Journey

posted by ummi taalib on 15th October 2009 - 2 comments
“HAJJ EK AASHIQ KAA SAFAR” - (U403) Lecture by Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat For those brothers and sisters who understand urdu, please listen to the above mentioned lecture – especially those who intend to go for Hajj this year. In fact listening to it will increase your longing to go for Hajj again even if you have been already – this time, as an Aashiq, (a lover)! Only for those who do not understand urdu, the following is an attempt to share Shaykh’s inspiring words… The Shahadah is a declaration (eilaan) and a proof of ishq-e-Ilaahi (love for Allah) and Ta’luk (connection) with Allah. The ishq in the heart of the person who makes this declaration makes it compulsive upon him to stand in front of Allah five times a day. Sacrificing sleep, work, family etc he is ready to stand in the presence of his beloved. In fact if it were not for the duties that need to be fulfilled, he would never leave the masjid. For the lover there is no peace when away from the beloved. All thoughts are with the beloved even while busy with other work. Sleep eludes him but it is of no consequence (i.e. tahajjud and taraweeh salaat) and a little food suffices (i.e. fasting), while love for wealth decreases and zakat and other voluntary sadaqah (charity) is given away to the needy. All of these conditions are a proof of the ishq-e-Ilaahi in one’s heart.
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