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Petals of Wisdom

posted by ummi taalib on 9th December 2011 - 0 comments

If Only.....

posted by ummi taalib on 16th November 2011 - 0 comments
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE For the Cricket player : When he is caught he says to himself: If only I had played that ball down. For the Football player : When he misses a chance to score a goal, he says to himself: If only I had scored. For the Businessman : When he misses out on a good business deal he says to himself: If only I took advantage of that deal.

When life presents you with mean & hateful people

posted by ummi taalib on 2nd November 2011 - 0 comments
When life presents you with mean & hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way but eventually you end up smooth & polished & the just going to be worn out & ugly.....

Imam Muslim reported that the Noble Prophet (S.A.W.) said, "....And no one has humbled himself for the sake of Allah, but Allah has elevated him."

Sa’di rebuked for his Fault-Finding

posted by ummi taalib on 20th July 2011 - 0 comments
There was a certain young preacher who was learned and intelligent, a man of sanctity and a true worshipper. He was forcible in eloquence and correct in grammar, but his articulation was so faulty that he could not properly repeat the letters of the alphabet.

I said to a Holy man, “The youth has not got his front teeth!”

“Speak not thus,” he replied. “You have discerned his fault, but your eyes are closed to his many virtues. Thorns and roses grow together; why are you regarding only the thorns? He who is of bad nature sees nothing in the peacock but its ugly feet.”

From The Bustan of SaÂ’di

I seek from You Yourself

posted by ummi taalib on 8th June 2011 - 0 comments
[center]"Koi tujh se kuch koi kuch chahta hai, Ilahi mein tujhse talabgaar tera"

Some ask You for something and others for something else. My Lord, I only seek from You Yourself.[/center]

Seldom do people ask of Allah by means of duÂ’a, and when they do, they ask for things of this dunya. Then others ask for things of aakhirat. The true and real ardent lovers of Allah only desire Allah and His pleasure. The dunya has no value in their eyes nor does Jannat. What value would Jannat have without Allah! It is for this reason that the Ahlullah ask Allah for Himself.

A True Slave

posted by ummi taalib on 26th April 2011 - 0 comments
[center]"Servitude is that you be His slave every instant just as He is your Lord every instant".


The Perfection of the Beloved

posted by ummi taalib on 31st December 2010 - 0 comments
Those who attend permanently at the temple of his glory confess the imperfection of their worship and say: We have not worshipped thee according to the requirements of thy worship; and those who describe the splendour of his beauty are rapt in amazement saying: We have not known thee as thou oughtest to be known. [i]If someone asks me for his description, What shall I despairing say of One who has no form? The lovers have been slain by the beloved. No voice can come from the slain Gulistan of Sa'di[/center]

The Effect of Company

posted by ummi taalib on 11th November 2010 - 0 comments
[i]A sweet-smelling piece of clay, one day in the bath, Came from the hand of a beloved one to my hand. I asked: 'Art thou musk or ambergris? Because thy delicious odour intoxicates me.' It replied: 'I was a despicable lump of clay; But for a while in the society of a rose. The perfection of my companion took effect on me


posted by ummi taalib on 11th October 2010 - 0 comments
The person whose heart is full of love for someone will constantly, at every opportunity, mention the beloved. In fact he will find excuses to mention the beloved. Not only that but he wishes all those around him to have love for his beloved. ***** Qais ibn Aamir was a person with a name. However his love for Layla made him appear as a mad man and he became known as “Majnoon” – a mad man. Our love for Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa should also be such. ***** Until we sit in the company of the Mashaaikh do we have yearning to become the lovers of Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa? Once we reach this stage then the question arises as to how to attain it. We do not have the answer but yearning fills the heart and du’a is made. Before this we are not even aware that du’a should be made asking Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa to make us His lovers. *****

For the True Lovers in Search of the Beloved

posted by ummi taalib on 20th April 2010 - 1 comment
The heart is made for loving; Be it with a stone, a God or someone else. There is no tranquillity without loving. The heart is the ocean of love; love is its act, Guard it a thousand ways; it will still fall in love. ***** That flower is no flower which does not have a pleasant fragrance and that heart is no heart which lacks AllahÂ’s love and remembrance.
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