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by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahmatullah alayh)

Once, on viewing the Mataaf from one of the upper levels of Masjidul Haraam, the scene of thousands of people engaged in Tawaaf, brought to my mind the following analogy:

The sight of those thousands of people moving around the Baitullah reminded me of the wash cycles of the washing machine.

And indeed, we find ....
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The Sacrifice of our Evil Desires

When the knife is placed on the throat of the sacrificial animals, at the same time we should be placing a knife over the throats of our evil desires.

When evil desires enter our hearts and the knife is placed over them the blood is going to flow and a pain experienced. The horizon of the heart is going to turn red with the blood of our e....
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When a beloved is returning from a journey (a wife/husband awaiting each other’s return, little children awaiting their parents’ return etc.), and it is known that the plane has left and they are on their way, older people will keep looking at their watches and little children will look up at sky in excitement and anticipation. Thereafter at the airport once again they will watch as the plane lands and wait until finally they arrive.

The coming of Ramadhaan was like that to our P....
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[center]Blessed days and blessed nights slipping away,
Like water through our fingers flow.
How much we did and how much we could have done,
He, (subhaanahu wata’ala) alone knows.

Time awaits no one. Like ice in the sun it melts away.
Gone in a blink of an eye have the ten days of Rahmah
And the rest will follow but do not give up it’s never too late,
A single tear of regret is all it takes for Maghfirah.

O A....
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