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Allah's Chosen Servants

30th December 2010
Maulana Rumi (R.A.) states: “It is a well known fact that the fox is noted for its cowardice. ” However, the fox which has a lion as a support behind its back saying to him: “Fear not, my hand is upon your back”, in spite of lacking courage, becomes very brave indeed. His new found bravery is of such a nature that he will not hesitate to attack a leopard. He now has the support of a lion at his side, he will show no fear for a leopard.

Similarly is the case of the chosen servants of Allah. In spite of their apparent weakness and distressed position, they show no fear in the face of a multitude of evil forces. These saintly ones do experience some natural fear, of physical hurt or injury but at heart they have no fear of anyone besides Allah. A Sufi says:

“O people look not upon my weakly countenance for I have legs of iron.

Do you know that within my heart I am connected to the king of Kings. ”

In this regard Maulana Rumi (R.A.) tells a story of Hazrat Jaafar Once Hazrat Jaafar attacked a fortress, all by himself. His attack was so fierce that it seemed that the fortress would soon become a prey to the hoofs of his horse. The inmates of the fortress were so struck by awe that they closed the gates of the fortress and no-one dared to come out to engage him in battle.

The King discussed with his Wazir as to what line of action is to be adopted. The Wazir advised him:

“The best line of action is to cancel all plans of making war against the man. It is best to take your Kafan and your sword and meet him and then to throw down your weapon”.

The King replied: “But this man is all by himself How is it that you give me such advise?”

The Wazir informed him: “Do not underestimate his being one man only. Open your eyes and look at the fortress and see how it trembles like quick silver. Look at the inmates of the fortress, and see how their heads are bent downwards like sheep. Even though the man is alone, the heart which he has in his breast is not like the hearts of ordinary men. Look at his brave courage, that in the face of a vast multitude of opponents, he challenges them into battle with a naked sword in his hand and in a confident and victorious manner, calls them to fight. It seems that all the battle forces of the East and West are with him. One man alone, but he appears like hundreds of thousands. Do you not see that whichever soldiers are sent out to fight him are soon seen lying under the hoofs of his horse? When I had seen the great individuality of this man, 0 King, I realised that this multitude of soldiers which are with you, will not be able to do anything against him. Do not rely upon numbers. The main thing is the unity of the heart and this is actually what is so striking about the heart of this man. In this respect he has been endowed endlessly with it. This is a gift from Allah, which is attained through the acquisition of contact with Him and through rigorous spiritual exercises. This connection you will not be able to attain while you are in the state of Kufr. Hence, it is best for you to throw down your weapons in defeat before the courageous believer and to open the gates of the fortress, because your large number of soldiers are of no use.”


Allah, the King of Kings, is the One who grants this unity of heart and such courage. This unity of the heart is of two kinds. One is natural, or common possessed by the Non Believers, polytheists and even animals. The other form is that which is granted by Allah and comes about through the blessings of close contact with Allah. This is what the Sufis term as “Nisbat”, for which one has to strive. It is a great favour from Allah to have contact with Him. And there is only one way of attaining this contact and that is through following the Shariat.
posted by ummi taalib on 30th December 2010 - 1 comment


Mohammed Abdul Rokib wrote on 8 May 2011
Success comes from Allah and the way to get close to Allah is acting upon the Laws of Quran. If only we followed it, then there will be no need for heaven, because we would have achieved something greater! That is the pleasure of Allah. I pray we all receive it before we pass away. Ameen
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