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24th December 2010

A true friend is one who shares your joy
And one who is with you in times of uncertainty.
It is one who wipes your tears away in grief
And who cares for you sincerely.

It is one who never turns away from you,
And bears all your faults patiently.
It is one who reveals to others what is favourable to you,
And conceals your bad side protectively.

It is one who is extremely generous and kind,
But will rebuke you gently when necessary.
It is one who helps you up when you slip and fall,
And holds on to you till you walk steadily.

A friend you could rely on for everything,
On whom, night and day, you could turn to trustingly.
Can anyone be such a friend,
One who, despite your faults, always looks on lovingly and compassionately?

We search for such a friend far and wide,
Constantly and endlessly,
But if only we look carefully, we would find one closer to us than our jugular vein,
One who will be there for us eternally!

posted by ummi taalib on 24th December 2010 - 0 comments


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