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Love for the Beloved's City

31st October 2010
Majnun, the man so madly in love that it turned him into a poet, used to recite such sweet words whilst in his stupor of love:

I pass by the houses of Layla, I kiss this wall and I kiss that wall.
It is not the love of the houses that has enraptured my heart,
but the one that resides within them.

Thus, it is no secret that the lover loves everything associated with his beloved. As lovers of the Messenger of Allah, we too should have a natural and deep yearning for his blessed city, the walls of which his blessed body is residing in. The Believer’s love for Madinah should be like that of a fish out of water, agitated and unable to survive.

Du'a of Sayidina 'Umar

اللهم ارزقني شهادة في سبيلك واجعل موتي في بلد رسولك

Oh Allah, grant me martyrdom in your path and make my death in the city of your Prophet. Aameen

by Umm-ul-Hasan
posted by ummi taalib on 31st October 2010 - 0 comments


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