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23rd September 2010
As Salaam Alaykum.

Once Qais Bin Saad Khazraji (ra) fell ill, but few of his friends came to enquire about his health. He was amazed, especially when he missed those who had visited his house regularly when he had been healthy. He asked about it from his family and they said, " Almost everybody owes you something and they feel embarassed about visiting you without paying you what they owe."

At this Qais (ra) said " Cursed be this wealth for it separates a man from his friends." He then asked somebody to proclaim all around the city that Qais had absolved all his debtors from paying there debts. After the declaration people came in such large numbers that there was always a crowd in his house.

Something to think about:

Imagine our situation we do somebody a small favour we hold them accountable for life. If we fall out or have an argument with one our friend's we then proceed to advertise to the whole world the amount of favours we had done for that former friend. We cannot even behave sincerely or with generosity , towards our closest friends often we will proceed to humiliate an individual in front of people by saying "I did you so and so favour". We expect others to be grateful to us, yet we dont even make one Sajda in gratitude to ALLAH.

Allah give us all the tawfiq to be sincere in our generosity to others and express gratitude for all his blessings ameen.

I humbly request your duas.
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