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Dive in!

6th July 2019
O you who believe, enter Islam completely [Baqarah: 208]

Addressing the Believers Allah instructs them to enter Islam completely. He did not just say "Enter into Islam" but added, "Completely" which means to enter completely into the internal and external dimensions of Islam. It is to dive in and become totally immersed in it as a person who dives into a swimming pool and becomes totally immersed in the water.

People often complain about not having the peace and tranquility of the heart despite prayers and fasts. This is due to not being totally immersed in Islam. Therefore if we are 50% or 80% on the Deen then we must strive to increase it for as long as we are alive.

Aalimah S. Ahmed
posted by ummi taalib on 6th July 2019 - 0 comments


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