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Ramadhaan – A Healing of the Heart & Spirit

12th May 2019
Ramadhaan is the perfect time for the healing of the heart and spirit through the Qur’an, Du’a and ‘Ibaadaat to which all Muslims are connected to some extent in the month of Ramadhaan.

It is not a Book of just Do’s and Don’ts. It is a mercy and a healing of the physical and spiritual self. It is living and feeling it. Feel the emotions of the people mentioned in the stories of the Qur’an and know that they are mentioned for a reason.

How did Yusuf AS feel when he was thrown in the well by his own; how did Maryam AS cope when alone in the wilderness giving birth to her child; what was the fear felt by Abu Bakr RA when he thought he and the beloved sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam would be found hiding in the cave of Thawr during the Hijrah.

Allah ta’ala acknowledged them and helped them and comforted them. He sent down tranquility upon them, strengthening their hearts.

The Qur’an is till the end of time. The lessons within are for all of us at all times and in all places. It is the rope which we can hold to when we fall (in sin and in grief and anxiety) which will bring us back up on our feet with hope and happiness.

Du’a are not just words from the tongue. They are intense feelings when connected to the heart. Du’a is the essence of ‘Ibaadah and an acknowledgment of our utter humility and dependency on our Lord. It strengthens our connection with Him.

The Du’a of our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam made at Ta’if after being driven out of town shows intense grief but also hope in Allah ta’ala. He complains to Allah ta’ala and then with hope and humility asks for mercy and seeks refuge in Him.

Know that Allah ta’ala hears and acknowledges. When Maryam AS was alone giving birth to her child she wished she never existed. Allah ta’ala did not tell to make Sabr. He provided for her water from a spring and dates and told her to enjoy the blessings.

All types of worship are included in ‘Ibaadah and generally it is increased in the month of Ramadhhan however for it to become a healing, the ingredient of Khushoo’ is necessary. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam used to turn to Salaah in times of anxiety.

Though these three things are generally increased in Ramdhaan we underestimate and underutilize their potential of removing fear, anxiety, grief etc., bringing hope and becoming a healing of the heart and soul.

Adapted from talk by Aalimah S. Ahmed

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