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Are You a True Lover?

26th November 2013

Fear of Allah should be borne out of the love for Allah. If a person has been kind to us we will praise the person all our lives yet Allah ta'ala has been so kind to us! If He had wished then the moment we saw evil He could have made us blind; the moment we heard evil He could have made us deaf; the moment we spoke evil He could have made us dumb; the moment we touched a woman who we were not supposed to touch, He could made our hand paralysed; the moment we walked towards the forbidden, to the cinema, to gamble then He could have caused us to be paralysed.

He is so Forgiving, so Compassionate, so Merciful! That Allah Who has blessed us with our sight, our hearing, our speech, our heart, our every functioning organ, so how much love should we have for this Allah? It is only right that we should have great love for Allah. So what is love?

Have you ever heard a person who is true in his love, who say I really love so-and-so yet all his life, all he does is cause problems for his beloved or is plotting against his beloved or whatever his beloved desires, or wishes, he does everything against these desires and wishes? Now can this person be a true lover? We claim that we have love for Allah and we should, as Muslims, have love for Allah because he has showered abundant blessings upon us, so our condition should be that we are obedient to Him and His Rasool sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam and this will benefit no one but our selves.

From "Short Inspirational Audio" of Shaykh Yunus Patel (Rahimahullah)
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