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Shaykh Muhammad Saleem's Advice On the Tragic Event in Leicester

14th September 2013
Nothing brings the reality of death in one's heart like a tragic and unexpected death of someone one knows. The tragic fire incident in Leicester on Thursday night was one such incident for my family.

I remember a sweet and gentle sister, devoted to studies of the Deen; I remember seeing her last in a little library at the Darul Uloom she studied, surrounded by huge books and I remember being inspired by her! She qualified as an 'Aalimah in August 2013 and immediately joined a class to improve her Qur'an recitation. The older son and daughter were also studying Aalimiyaah course. They died therefore as students of Deen on Thursday night; Stages upon stages of dying as a student of Deen, on a Friday and as a Martyr!

May Allah subhaanahu wata'ala elevate the stages of the family and grant sabrun jameel to Dr Tawfeeq Sahib who lost his beloved wife, three children and his home.

The following is advice given by our respected Sahykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah)

He mentioned seven points in todays evening majlis regarding yesterdays incident..

1. we should feel sorrow in our heart for this tragic incident as they are our family in Islam whether we know them or not

2. we should go to do taaziyat of the people left behind..not go to increase their sadness but to decrease it by giving comfort

3. if this incident has been done purposefully then make dua for the hidayat of such people who could heartlessly take innocent lives

4. Make dua for the deceased and do isaale Thawab

5. Do not involve in unnecessary speculations of what has happened or what could have happened

6. The grief felt by the father upon losing all the members of his family is undescribable, In a hadith Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam mentions that the person who misses his asr salaah it is as if he has lost all his family and belongings ie that is how much grief we should feel upon missing any one salah.
So be punctual.

7. They had a sudden death..they had no idea that their death was coming that night so we should think also that my death could also be sudden..they had a good death Mashallah travellers, seeking knowledge, shuhadaa, death on a friday..but where will our death be..may it not be while we are sinning away..

May Allah Ta'aala grant us all Tawfiq to take lessons from this incident Aameen
(Advices written up by a Brother)
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