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“Read!” Oh Mu’minah

26th May 2010

Read Oh MuÂ’minah, read the QurÂ’an
Read and ponder over the message from Ar-Rahmaan.
Educated is she who recognises her Lord and His infinite mercy,
Intelligent is she who submits to His wishes in total humility.

In the QurÂ’an He did not forget to mention you,
Apparent His love in His elevating you.
Created you from the rib of man, close to his heart,
To be loved and cherished, and not left to be perished.

Read and know about Aasia, wife of the cruel FirÂ’own,
She preferred torture and death and a house close to her Lord.
Fruits sent down from Heaven, for Mariam, mother of Isaa
Comforted and inspired to save her child was mother of Musaa.

Know how KhowlaÂ’s anxiety was removed,
And AÂ’ishaÂ’s purity and sanctity proved,
Verses of the QurÂ’an, sent down in mercy,
A means of protection for women till eternity.

Know that just as acceptance was granted to IbrahimÂ’s Ramee,
So it was to HajraÂ’s SaÂ’ee
Is Hajj complete without the stoning,
And did not the Prophet, the Sahaba and the Awliya have to do the running?

And just as Ahadith was narrated by Abu Hurairah,
So it was by AÂ’isha, Asma and Hafsah.
And if there was born the likes of Hasan Al Basri,
Then who can deny the high status of Raabiyah?

If man will reap the reward of his worship and bear punishment for his inequity,
Then woman too will do so equally,
And if man can reach great heights, then you too are not denied,
So struggle and strive and free yourself, you are not confined.

The freedom of the West is nothing but imaginary
Posing half naked and following the fashions is in actual fact slavery.
So donÂ’t be foolish and be left behind, Oh MuÂ’minah,
Become in reality a devoted and true Muslimah!

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