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Connection of Love

30th May 2013
We need to acknowledge our sins to Allah ta'ala Who is so Merciful, so Forgiving, so Kind. He is waiting, giving us opportunities after opportunities like special days, special nights and the whole month of Ramadhaan.

"O My servants, irrespective of how far you have distanced yourself from Me, I am your Allah! I am Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. Come, come and take a dive in the ocean of Tawbah!"

"Jo naa kaam hotaa rahe 'umr bhar bhi, baharhaal koshish to aashiq na chodhe.
Ye rishtaa muhabbat kaa kaa-im hi rakh-khe, jo so baar tute to so baar jhode"

Even if the connection of love has broken a hundred times, do not give up hope. He is ready to accept no matter how much filth we have seen with our eyes or heard with our ears or how much haraam we've spoken with our tongues or how many haraam places we have walked to with our feet, yet Allah ta'ala is prepared to accept us. Even if the sins are committed again and again so repent again and again.
Many people ask what the benefit is of repenting when one is bound to commit sins again and again. This is a ploy of Shaytaan to mislead us. Isn't it better for a person to have one charge against him rather than thousands? If thousands of charges are dropped with Tawbah and Istighfaar and with the shame and remorse which is expressed and only one charge remains, then isn't that of great benefit?

Shaykh Yunus Patel Sahib (Rahimahullaah)
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