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Durood Protects Tawhid

21st May 2013
Shaikh Mufti Nawalur Rahman (db)

Hazrath Mufti sahab said that durood protects tawhid.

How, why?

Look at those people who are doing shirk..lets take the Christians for example and what they have done with Nabi Eesa (as). Nabi Eesa (as) was able to resurrect the dead, give sight to the blind, and his people made him son of god, nauzubillah.

The miracles of Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam are far, far greater than this, yet, we ask, "O Allah swt, send Your salutations of peace and blessings upon him..." - though his miracles are far greater than others, his strengths are far greater than others, his qualities are much higher than others, though his rank is far greater than others, Alhamdulillah by our action of sending durood, durood meaning requesting Allah swt to send His peace and blessings upon the Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam, we are not associating his being with Allah swt, we are maintaining pure and solid tawhid. We are taking the highest and most immaculate personality and then maintaining Allah swt over him and asking, "O Allah swt send Your salutations of peace and blessings upon him."

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learn the quran wrote on 19 Jun 2013
Tawhid is the basic IMAN of muslims. We should be taking care of our IMAN and keep reciting the KALMA TAWHID.
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