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Be dust before thou art turned into dust

17th April 2013
A company of vagabonds met a dervish, spoke insulting words to him, struck him and otherwise molested him; whereon he complained to his superior and explained the case. The pir replied: 'My son, the patched frock of dervishes is the garment of resignation and who, wearing it, cannot bear injuries is a pretender not entitled to the frock.'

A large river will not become turbid from stones.
The Arif who feels aggrieved is shallow water yet

If he injures thee, bear it Because pardon will purify thee from sin.
O brother, as the end is dust, be dust before thou art turned into dust.


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posted by ummi taalib on 17th April 2013 - 1 comment


Anonymous wrote on 18 Apr 2013
Subaana Allah
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