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The Final Countdown

7th April 2013
In a boxing or wrestling match it is not the winner of each round, but the outcome of the final round which determines the winner.

A fighter may be winning every round but if his opponent causes him to fall whereby he cannot stand up before the count will make him the loser. The winner is he who wins the final round.

Similarly the winners i.e. the successful ones, will be those who succeed in the Hereafter regardless of whether they were regarded as successful or unsuccessful by worldly standards (as success has different definitions according to different people) and success of this world and the Hereafter (On an individual and collective basis) lies in practicing the complete Deen.

The Deen also has different definitions. To some fulfilling the five daily Prayer is Deen while to others the Prayers, Hajj, Zakat and Fasting is Deen. Know that Deen comprises of five branches, Aqaid (Correct Beliefs) being the foundation. Thereafter there is:

*Ibaadaat (Worship)
*Akhlaaq (Noble Character – developing good qualities and eliminating bad ones)
*Mu’shsharaat (Beautiful Social Conduct i.e. to behave in such a way that no inconvenience / burden or
hurt is felt by anyone)
*Mu’ammalaat (Concerning rulings regarding any agreement or dealings between two parties, be they
monetary or by way of duties/rights)

Three points to act upon to bring the complete Deen in one’s life:

*Ta’alluk (Connection) with the Qur’an (Abundant recitation with Tajweed)
*Ta’alluk with Salaah (The Compulsory, Sunan and the Optional) and
*The Remembrance of Allah (by reciting various Masnoon du’as for various occasions, talking to Allah
subhaanahu wata’ala asking for needs to be fulfilled and praising/glorifying Allah subhaanahu wata’ala)

From the Monthly Majlis (April 2013) of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah)
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