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Cure for Pride & Jealousy

11th March 2013
The Right of Shukr

Prophet Dawood ‘alayhis salaam turned to Allah subhaanahu wata’ala in deep gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon him and one can only imagine the shukr (gratitude) of a Prophet. Afterward the thought occurred to him that the Tawfeeq (guidance) to make Shukr upon the blessings was also a blessing so he turned to Allah subhaanhau wata’ala once more in gratitude.

Upon completing he realised that the shukr he made upon the thought which occurred to him was also a blessing and so once again he turned to Allah subhaanahu wata’ala in shukr. After this he realised that the cycle could go on forever and so he said, “Oh Allah, how can I thank You, when my thankfulness to You is itself a blessing from among Your gracious favours?” So Allah subhaanahu wata’ala conveyed to him by way of inspiration (wahy), “Now you have thanked Me indeed”.

Cure for Pride & Jealousy

Our respected Shaykh (Hafizahullah) said that the following du’a, if recited morning and evening will become a means of being resurrected as though the right of Shukr has been fulfilled.

اللّهُـمَّ ما أَصْبَـَحَ بي مِـنْ نِعْـمَةٍ أَو بِأَحَـدٍ مِـنْ خَلْـقِك ، فَمِـنْكَ وَحْـدَكَ لا شريكَ لَـك ، فَلَـكَ الْحَمْـدُ وَلَـكَ الشُّكْـر . [أبو داود 4/318

Allahumma maa asbaha bee min ni’matin, aw bi-ahadin min khalqik, faminka wahdaka laa shareeka lak, falakal-hamdu walakash-shukr.
Oh Allah! Whatever blessings I or any of Your creatures rose up with, is only from You, You have no partner, so for You is all praise and unto You all thanks

Then Shaykh said that it had occurred to him that in this du’a was a cure for the spiritual illnesses of and Kibr (Pride) and Hasad (Jealousy). By declaring that “Whatever blessing I have are from You alone” one will realise that what is there to be proud about since every blessing is from Allah subhaanahu wata’ala alone?

And by declaring, “Whatever blessing any of your creatures have are from You alone” one will realise that why this jealousy on seeing someone being blessed with something since the blessing is from Allah subhaanahu wata’ala?

From the speech by Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah) at the 20th IDA Youth Conference
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