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Entertain good thoughts regarding others & Be focused on yourself

10th March 2013
Advices from Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah)
at the IDA 20th Youth Conference

Entertain good thoughts regarding others

“Entertaining good thoughts regarding people is a virtuous deed which will be rewarded while entertaining suspicious thoughts will lead to being questioned in the Hereafter.”

In the court of Allah subhaanahu wat’ala the person entertaining suspicious thoughts will be asked to furnish proof. For example a person is seen leaving a pub. He has not been seen drinking alcohol. For having suspicious thoughts regarding this person one will be questioned and asked to furnish proof. Therefore take the easy path and think good of everyone.

As for the good thoughts, admiration, compliments and praise of other people, they should not make us forget our reality. Think that it is not me who is being praised, but it is the veil of concealment which Allah subhaanahu wata’ala has placed over me which is being praised.

The friends of Allah subhaanahua wata’ala have such a strong connection with Him that when they are praised they engage in Istighfaar and Hamd in their hearts.

The following du’a should be recited when one is praised and one should think that Allah subhaanahu wata’ala is concealing me despite my evil;

Allahumma anta a’alamu bee minnafsee wa ana a’alamu binafsee minan naas Allaahumma laa tu'aakhidhnee bimaa yaqooloona, waghfir lee maa laa ya'lamoona”

"Oh Allah! You know me better than myself and I know about myself better than what the people know about me. Oh Allah do not call me to account for what they say & forgive me for what they have no knowledge of (i.e. my faults and defects)."


We should be focused on ourselves

“When one finger is pointed towards someone else then note that three fingers are pointed towards you.”

Other people’s lives are in front of us for a short while but our lives are in front of us 24 hours a day.
We know what we are and what we do. We know of our hypocritical behaviour and we know of the filth which lies within our hearts, yet despite this we become happy when someone praises us. We should not be fooled by the praises of others. We should be focused on our own selves at all times.

We should say to ourselves,

“I know I am not worthy of this praise because I am like this and like that. I do this and I do that. My Salaah and behaviour is different at the Masjid from that at home. The person who has praised me will be rewarded for his good thoughts regarding me but I know what my reality is. How can I forget my reality?"


When a sick person visits a doctor

“A sick person will only be cured if he concentrates on his illness. He will not be cured if he instead concentrates on the healthy parts.”

When a sick person visits a doctor he will not mention the good points of his health. He will in fact mention every negative and insignificant aspect of his health, even those not relevant to his illness. With our spiritual life on the other hand, we mention only the good, for example, ‘I have performed Tahajjud Salaah for the last ten years!’

Shaykh Maseehullah Khan (Rahimahullaah) used to say that when people write regarding their spiritual condition, they write the “Rangeen Haalaat” (colourful conditions) and not about their “Sangeen Haalaat” (bad conditions).


Just one Spiritual Illness can be enough to lead us to the Fire!

"Just one spiritual illness within us should keep us occupied with concern."

Our Shaykh is our spiritual doctor who guides us to good spiritual health however people only mention the good in their lives. This is because there is no real concern for the Hereafter.

If a person had no other spiritual illness except jealousy then this one illness can take the person to the fire of Jahannam. Every heart is prone to jealousy even in religious circles i.e. Why has this person has more knowledge than me? Why has he got more Mureeds (Seekers) than me? Why is he closer to my Shaykh?

Jealousy eats away at one’s good deeds as fire eats away at wood. It is a cancer and the jealous person will never attain peace in the world.

We should remain happy with the distribution of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala.
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